Just another love story part 3

Okay heres part 3! please comment and rate and of you haven't taken part 2 go take it! or you'll be confused, and u don't want that okie buh bye!!!!!!

Just kidding hii!!! so yea i hope you like part 3!!! thanx bye!!! do u like watermelon? how about stawberries? i luv tem anyways bye and hav a good day!!

Created by: iluvdolphins

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  1. ok so were on the part when taylor takes a needle to find ur powers, are you exited?
  2. the machine beeped and taylor said "emily your powers are to freeze time, and you can shape shift" "cool" you said back. "wait whats this???" taylor asked "what?"you replied while taylor was reading whatever it said on the computer. "im..your...brother" taylor said shocked "what?!?!?!" you exlaimed "im your long lost brother" taylor said quietly you sighed and said"come on lets tell the others. you both ran downstairs to the guys and said "guys i need to tell you something, im
  3. taylors sister" you said "yeah and im her brother....." taylor said adding to what you said."how do you know that?" matt asked "well when i took a drop of blood from her to find out her powers it said that she has a brother then it said my name"you hear a knock on the door and you say "ill get it" you ran to the door and opened it. you saw this boy with black hair and dark drown eyes "hello who are-" you got interupted by matt sayng "James!!" matt ran and said "emily this is james my other friend" james smiled and said "nice to meet you" all of you let him in and sit down. All of the boys start talking and talking. you decide to leave them alone so you go to your room. in your room you plop on your bed and sleep. you see...your locked in a room which seems familar but you cant put your finger on it. "hello" a familiar voice said you turn around and see diane. "where am i" you say fiercely "dreaming" diane said with a devish smile, she continues "and here none..
  4. of the boys can save you". diane shoved you to a wall and hit you. you tried to use any of your powersso you tried freezing time and it didnt work diane got a knife and said "let me make this painful and slow" she smiled evily. You tried to move but you couldnt. diane started cutting you. it was hurting really bad so u screamed on top of your lungs. diane slapped you and said "shut up!" you didnt care and screamed agian and noticed dianed was aiming for your heart. before she stabbed you, you
  5. heard voices "Emily wake up!!!" and felt shaking. you woke up and saw cuts and blood dripping from your arms "emily what happened?" john asked "d..i..a..n..e" is all you could say. after all that chaos you passed out.When you woke up you were on your bed. You looked down to see if you still had cuts `no cuts matt must of healed me` You got out of bed took a shower and changed into _____
  6. You went downstairs and saw all of the boys talking. "Hey em how ya feelin" adam asked. "fine, but how did diane get into my dreans?" you ask "well we suggest she teleported there" taylor replied. "We want to train you with your powers soon" James said. "Wait how do you know, do you have powers too?" you asked "well, no, im a vampire" james said answering your question. "oh"is all you could say. "well lets start training" all of you said at the same time. you all started cracking up. "ok come on" you said after laughing adam got up and you followed him
  7. you both walked to a backyard."alright lets start freezing" adam suggested and continued "alright im going to trow these balls in the air and consetrate on freezing it,ok?" you nodded. he threw 3 balls in the air and you tried and tried but it didnt work. finially you concetrated enough and freezed one ball then the others. "Yay!!" you yelled happily "good job em" adam said with a thumbs up. Your stomach started rumbuling. Adam laughed "come on lets go" you both dashed to the dining room and saw
  8. your favorite food __ and a small bowl of tomato soup.(it was dinner so they got everything ready) you all sat down and ate silently. after you all finished you went to wash the dishes.Then you went to your room you took a shower and got in ur pjs ___you soon fell asleep and saw yourself in a white room. then you saw a golden light apper infront of you. it didnt take a long time for you to figure out who it was. "Mom!!!" you yelled while running to hug her. she smiled "hello honey" "mom why didnt
  9. you tell me i had powers" you said softly "because you werent ready yet" she replied calmly. "here i need you to take this" she gave you a star which went inside you. "this is a new power, ivisibillity, youll need it soon" she kissed your forehead.but before you could say anything the light appeared agian and turned into a star while going up. You woke up with a paper on you so, you read it `emily to use your power imagine yourself gaining power over yourself, or think that your invisible` before
  10. you did that you took a shower and changed. then you tried many times and checked looking in the mirror by your bed. then finially you turned invisible. `hehe im gonna scare adam` you went downstairs but before you went to the last step you heared..."what if she isnt ready?" matt asked "she is once we train her enough she will be ready" james said calmly. you decided to go to get breakfast so you went to the kitchen.you noticed you wernt invisble anymore, but you shrugged it off. You went to get ur breakfast.Then went outside to eat. You opened the door and walked to the garden.You sat down and ate,after eating you walked to the flowers and fell asleep. You woke up and saw you were in your room. You heard a knock at your door. it was dustin "hey we need to start training" he said while sitting on the bed next to you, "okay let me get ready" you replied. Dustin got up and closed the door behind him, you took a shower and changed. you thought `im gonna
  11. scare him` you first made sure you were invisible then you headed down to the backyard. you saw dustin, you smiled and snuck up behind him and yelled boo! he jumped and you apperared visible agian you both laughed and started training "okay lets do shape shifting" dustin started, he told you all of the instructions. After training you both sat on the bench, you said thanks and stared into his deep sea blue eyes, you both leaned in and started kissing, then you pulled away "i think you changed me emily" dustin said softly. "what do you mean?" you asked ""well-" dustin began but was cut off by a crash. you both ran inside and you saw a young girl about the age of 5. the little girl asked you "hi, can you come with me" you nodded and went with her the boys all said "NO! emily!" but then you blacked out.
  12. alright who do you love?

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