Traitor in the Palace: Part 2

If you took Part 1, you know this is a murder mystery. Please take part one if you haven't. this won't make sense if you don't. Thanks for taking my quizzes, I know the first one was kinda slow.

This one speeds up a little though. Last quiz you had just sat over by Princess Emily at the fountain. The king was just killed, his body was still lying there.

Created by: Alanna

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  1. You had just been with Emily in her room. It was dark now, and as you walked through the rose garden to see the spot, someone came up behind you. You turn startled to find Daniel.
  2. He says," I just saw you walking here, and thought I'd say hello," "Hello, not to be nosy or abrupt, but who do you think killed the king?" You ask. "Prince Garret, he's foreign. He doesn't care about our king."
  3. You guys talk and he has to leave. Once he is gone you continue towards your room. Then suddenly a hand slips over your mouth and you feel cold metal at your neck, a familiar voice whispers, " Stop nosing around in this murder. The palace knights and magistrate will figure it out without any help from you. I will kill you too if you do anything to make them believe it's me. Just to give you something to remember," they then cuts an 8in. gash into your arm. As you bend to look at it, they disappears.
  4. Getting ready for bed, after bandaging your arm. You wonder about the murder. The voice was familiar, if only you could remember where you had recently heard it. But you had been too afraid to really think about it.
  5. The next day they were having a gathering to talk about the murder, even perhaps figure it out. You go in and sit by Emily. Everyone is wearing black. Then the voice of the masked person speaks, you turn frantically to see who is speaking. You look and see
  6. Daniel! He is talking to Emily. You look at him and he gives you a friendly smile. Then court starts. The magistrate asks for any witnesses or evidence. You can't decide whether or not you should speak.
  7. You stand," Lord Magistrate, I know who did it, as hard to believe as it is. Prince Daniel killed the king. Last night I was talking to him and asked about it. Then he left, but a person came and put a knife to my throat and confessed to murder, I recognized the voice as Daniel's," The magistrate stared at you," Do you have any proof this happened?" you reply, " Yes, the person cut me as a distraction while they ran off." you roll up your sleeve to show them your gash. " Arrest Prince Daniel" the Queen commanded.
  8. Daniel looked at you ashamed and worried. You couldn't help but feel bad. Emily sat there looking shocked. Garret, too, looked surprised. The Queen looked happy.
  9. Emily goes down to visit him in the prison. She doesn't believe he could do it. You decide to go with her. In the cell you see Daniel. He is upset looking. Emily talks to him for a bit then he asks her to give him a minute alone with you.
  10. " Alianne, I didn't kill him," " Then why didn't you plead innocent?!"you cry. " Because if I'm behind bars then the real crook isn't threatened by your investigations, I made it seem like I did it and I cut you to give you evidence. I just want you to know that I didn't do it." He explains. " What do you mean?" You ask. He looks at you," The real killer is

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