Traitor in the Palace: Part 3

The third part in my murder mystery. I am sorry it didn't turn out as good as I hoped it would. Please take the first two parts before you take this one.

At this point the king is dead. Daniel is in prison. You are trying to figure out who did it, now to free Daniel from prison more than anything. You have been threatened to not investigate already.

Created by: Alanna

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  1. Left off at, Daniel looked at you," The real killer is The," Suddenly a a guard walks up and says," Time to go!" You look at Daniel," The---, The what? Who?! Daniel!!!" He just shakes his head and looks at the guard. You stand there, then the guard picks you up and carries you out the door. Daniel just sighs," Bye, Good-luck!!"
  2. You head back up too your room, you had been so close, if only you had had more time. When you enter your room Emily is there waiting for you, she is sitting on the bed and has a mysterious look on her face. " Emily, what's wrong?" you start to ask, but then she lunges at you with a sword you hadn't seen before. You narrowly avoid the tip of her sword.
  3. You grab your fathers sword from on the dresser top. As you trade blows with her, you begin to wonder about your choice of friends, one is in prison, and the other is trying to kill you.
  4. " What are you doing Emily?" You ask, " This doesn't seem at all like you!" Emily's eyes filled with tears, " I know it doesn't, but she said that if I kill you all of my troubles will be gone!"
  5. "Why kill me?" you ask. " You are figuring out the murder so quickly, she is worried that you'll figure it out." "Emily, you are my friend, just tell me. I'll help you!"You plead. She drops her sword.
  6. Then you drop your sword too. The second your sword hits the ground she jumps at you, quickly pinning you, and you look up just as the queen enters the room. The queen picks up the sword and walks towards you. "Finally the last person who knows what happened will be dead." you have an idea, "Since you're going to kill me anyways, why not tell me what happened?" Emily, who was sobbing, stopped for a second, realizing what you were doing. The queen shrugs,"Okay, I was in a fight with the former king, and I started ranting to Emily. She confessed that she didn't like her arranged marriage and we made a deal. I tricked her though, and one night I blackmailed her into killing her father."
  7. "So you made her?" You look at Emily and she nods. "Then who is guilty?" The queen smiles," I am. You are going to die soon though." She smiles and walk towards you, then Emily takes your sword from the ground. She thrusts it into the queen at the same time a guard walks into the room.
  8. The queen falls to the floor, sword still in her. Emily starts crying, then Garret comes into the room and starts screaming at her. She looks at you and then she stabs Garret. Looking around the room at the two dead bodies, she looks at you, "Tell Daniel I said bye," she smiles then thrusts the sword into herself before you can say anything more to her. You crawl over too her. "You're a hero, good-bye Em."
  9. The guards don't ask you any questions, you run down to the jail. The guards let Daniel out. You run into his arms and start crying. Burrying your face into his chest you sob for a long time. Finally you look up. You tell him everything. When you finally stop he pushes your hair behind your ear and softly kisses you.
  10. After that Daniel is named king. He decides to have you as his queen. You love him so of course you say yes. And (as cheesy as it is) You live happily ever after!

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