The fallen part 16

Okay, okay. PLEASE don't kill me. I've been busy with school and stuff! I'm trying to write a book! *Yeah, that's a major hint if it gets published* Patience is a virtue.

So... Recap time? You + 4 guys +house + powers+ Leria (trying to kill you) + Nathan's a traitor + Fights + Robbie (or Robby) your bestie = The Fallen Parts 1 to 15! In this one you'll Find more about a certain people's past...

Created by: Dayna

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  1. You look to the door, and then to Will. But it's Max who answers it. "Hello, Max, how are you?" Asks a female voice. "I'm fine, and you're leaving." Max replies. "I beg to differ. May I talk to the wonderous ______?" She asks.
  2. "She's out," Max lies, but he lies convincingly. "Why would you let her out?" Leria asks, "Because we've had trouble here." Max asks. Will looks to you and tells you to leave the house from the back door. You do, hoping to save yourself. Who do you wish you said goodbye to?
  3. You walk around and your phone rings. It's Nathan. You answer it, "What?" You say sourly, "I wanted to say thank-you." He said, "I didn't do anything!" You sigh, "You saved my life.""I tried to save Ryan's. You're girlfriend's downstairs...""I don't love Leria, she just let me live... I'll last until she does. And I know. I can see you from my window by the way."
  4. "I'll lead a false trail. Keep away from any hotels," He hangs up. You look back at the house, seeing a faint figure moving away from a window. You debate whether you'll ever return.
  5. After walking down a main road, you see Robbie. He smiles to you, and you almost break down. "Are you alright?" He asks, "I'm going for a walk, wanna come?" You ask. You guys walk around talking about everything from the guys to a girl wearing over-knee neon stiped socks with a pair of seriously short black denim shorts and how stupid she looked.
  6. You eventually go home, and see the boys again. And Leria. She reeks havoc in the living room. She's smiling to you as the furniture orbits around the room. "And now, my star attraction! Killing ________! You'll all feel it and I can take your powers!" She cackles, "And killing me means Nathan's death too!" Rage burns in Will's eyes, Ryan's weak, but fighting.He sends bolts of lightening at Leria, Will sends the sofa at her, Max glares at her with a knife, Nathan's torn between sides.
  7. Leria takes the knife from max, throwing it in your direction, You think it's going to hit you but Ry catches it. "Max... You shouldn't have ended it," leria smiles to him and kisses him. He tries to resist her, but he can't. She pulls away slowly and smiles as he collapses. "Bye boys, next time Wills and precious won't be so easy to walk away. I'd say bye to Max, he won't last long after Death's kiss."
  8. She disappears and you rush to Max, crying. He's not dead, but his life won't last long. "Help me!" He croaks, "You have the power to tap into my powers. Please..." He says, and you sob. You try, focusing on getting Max's powers, but it's to no avail. It's not working. Will carefully frees the furrniture and rushes over to his best friends side. Ry comes over too, kneeling beside you. Nathan looks disgusted at himself.
  9. "Will, what do I do?!" You screech. "I...I...I don't know! I've never tried that before!" Will says, "It's possible, it's how leria got her healing power. She stole mine, she's a psychic." Max croaks, "Talk about a psycho-ex-girlfriend..." Ry snorts. You cry and focus on healing your dying friend.
  10. And... You'll have to wait, but not months, maybe an hour or so. For part 16, I'm out! Comment?

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