Warriors: love story 1

ok its a LOVE STORY!!!!!!!! yay!!! ok please read it and tell m if you like it thank bye bye!!!!!!!!!! ok i hate this thing i can keep typing ahhh pooh

are you awesome idk but read this love story!!!!!!!! i hope you like it give me ideas for more pretty please!!!!!!! ok thanks peoples bye bye ok bye bye

Created by: warriorsluva101
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  1. ok every question iz like a mini chapter so have fun now have fun with this awesome love story i hope you like it!!
  2. you are a light gray tabby shecat just letting you know!! and you are named silverdrop
  3. "congradulations silverpaw you have worked hard to be made a warriors from this moment on you will be known as silverdrop"meowed ashstar (clan leader) silverdrop silverdrop silverdrop!!! meowed the whole clan "tonight you will sit vigal but first you may go get your peice of freash kill" said ashstar then you felt somebody staring at you so you look around and see that nightclaw clan deputy was staring at you!
  4. so you quickly eat your peice of fresh kill next to your best friend flameclaw then go to sit vigal oh no he is staring at you again i thought he was suppost to go to sleep not stay up stalking cats so you think to your self i will talk to him at sunrise.
  5. so its finally sunrise and you go on patrol with him to the border and you ask him "whats up with your burning stare!" "i just couldnt stop thinking about you" he meowed "so it doesnt mean you have to stare at me day and night!" "ok" he said sadly so we hurry up and get back to the camp without speaking so you go and tell flameclaw what he said she just laughs "you know i didnt see that coming but why dont you be mates with him" she said "because i dont want a mate keeping me from my warrior duties!" you snapped
  6. then you see that flameclaw has been hanging out with cloudfur alot latly but you dont try to think about it very much so you try to go strait to bed to get the day over with.
  7. you wake up feeling good tring not to think about yesterday so you just go out on a walk along the border then you came across a breezeclan cat that was named sparrowfeather he said "your alittle close you the border" "and your piont is i am not even close to being on your side of the border" you spat
  8. ok i am sorry but i have to stop it here!!
  9. take more of my quizes that i shall make i iz warriorsluva saying goodye
  10. mkay bye

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