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Have you ever wanted to be in an anime and fall in love with one of the characters? Well, now you can in my inuyasha love story. I don't know how many part it will have though.

who will be your special one. will it be inuyasha the half demon who wanted to be a full demon or kagome a girl from japan(present) that went to japan(past).

Created by: animelover98
  1. ok so this is my very first quiz love story. so i hope you enjoy it.
  2. You are just a normal teenager whose life is about to change forever. Okay, you're alarm clock rinks "ugh" you say as you turn it off. You hear your mom say "____ time to wake up sweetheart!" You reply by saying, "ok mom." You get up and get dressed for school what do you wear?
  3. When you get to school your best friend Kathy is waiting for you. She is smiling big when she sees you she says, "good morning _____ how are you doing?" You reply "hey Kathy good morning to you as well and i am doing fine." Then you hear a strange noise coming from the school's well. What do you do?
  4. let's assume you chose to check it out (sorry if you didn't). You and Kathy go over to the well but the noise has stopped. Kathy says,"____ let's just go and head to class." You start to leave after you friend when the well bursts open! A strange creature comes out and tries to chase you. When you thought the thing was gone it attacked you again this time knocking you out.
  5. When you wake up you are in the well. You stand up and shout, "anyone out there? Kathy any one?" That is when you started climbing out of the well. After climbing out you see a different place in front of you. You start walking and stop at a huge tree with a man stuck to it with an arrow in his chest. You think *wow he looks so peaceful.* Just then the creature comes out of the well and starts to attack you again.
  6. The man on the tree looks at you and says, "use your power kikkyo like you did with me." You ask, "What are you talking about im not kikkyo my name is _____."
  7. CLIFFHANGER sorry guys I promise you that i will get more characters. thank you all for taking this quiz love story thing. i hope you guys enjoyed it.
  8. sorry i need 12 questions so go on and skip these last three ok
  9. SKIP

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