love story, which one will you fall for? part 5

hey, to return for your paitent, here's the 5th part. in this part is where things get emotional and when you find out the horrible truth. take this quiz and you'll see this is interesting as you answer each question.

are you ready for the the 5th part? well this part will make you cry without answering each questions. its more like a movie. maybe i should make this into a movie.

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  1. "so what would happen if i control people's mind too much?" "you could lose your entire life. and the world will die."
  2. "aiight, so from now on, i will use fire only. i'll use the mind control thing when i need to." "ok, we scheduled a training lesson with each of us. you go first wit edgar."
  3. "aiight, hold my hand and try to not burn me. once you find your powers you have to take control of it."
  4. "ow! wow, you can burn fast. here i'll try to use my water power." "wait, i thought you can teleport and heal?" "teleporting is my little bro's power." ...
  5. "okay." then there was silence and edgar moved closer to you and kissed you on the lips.
  6. "okay. that was akward and i want all of you guys to tell me what's going on!" "dust, just, and adam, she wants all of us here! hurry!"
  7. "i want all of you to tell me the truth." "okay if you want to. you're not the only girl in our kind, you have the most incredible powers and your parents are dead. happy?"
  8. "i can't believe that all of you would lie to me. what was i thinking that i even liked anyone of you." after that, you stormed out to the backyard crying. one of them followed you.
  9. *crying* "great i am trapped with 4 hot guys and all they're good for is lying" "are you all right?" "who are you?" "it's me..."
  10. "it's me, adam. i am sorry for what we did. i know that i haven't said anything to you for 3 days but i really like you."

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Quiz topic: Love story, which one will I fall for? part 5