love story, which one will you fall for? part 4

here's the part you have been waiting and thank you again for being paitent and all. this gets more interesting cuz you will find 2 people. one demon and one stuck in the demon world.

take this quiz and you will find the two people that are here. but can you find your powers in time? and can you save their lives? take this and you will see.

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  1. "you really think i am? how?" "your eyes tell me everything." *wow, just look at the eyes and you know who i am* he tilted his head and kissed you... reaction?
  2. then out of nowhere, an emo girl comes down from the ceiling. she grabbed and you...
  3. all of a sudden, you're burning her hands and she lets go. you just ran straight to edgar and held onto him. "leave her alone, jane! she isn't going to be like your kind!"
  4. her wings came out and she flew away from all of you. "who is she?" "do you really want to know?" the twins asked you. "yeah." "aiight, she's our sister. one of our twin sisters."
  5. "when we were 5, our mother was pregnant and she gave birth to another set of twins. both girls, jane and dawn. one day, they were playing outside and some demon took them and killed our parents. but me and my bro were hiding."
  6. "why did they attack me instead?" "they were jealous of you and edgar. only jane. but dawn is the only one who didn't change. edgar and jane go way back."
  7. "shut both of your mouths. i dumped her so what?" "why?" "she was a psycho path. i didn't know that she was adopted by demons until i met her brothers."
  8. "so what about dawn?" "that's why we need your help. the metal that's in her cell, you can melt them."
  9. "wait, i have the power of fire? what else can i do?" "you can control people's minds. but you have to be careful with the mind controlling thing, you could kill yourself"
  10. well, i know this is interesting and all but, i am tired so wait for part 5!!! this question has no effect on your score

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Quiz topic: Love story, which one will I fall for? part 4