The fallen part 14

Hello, and again I find myself apologizing for my obvious laziness. So, I am sorry but I am far too lazy to come up with the next plot point. But hey, here it is!

Right - I gues I should recap you, shouldn't I? Youi went shopping with Ry and you came home to an arguement between Will and Nath, got it? Anyways - any questions should be posted in the comments section at the end and I'll reply...eventually.

Created by: Dayna

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  1. "What is it?" Ry asks quickly, and you panic. "Well, Nathan...he sold his soul to Leria so he could live." Max sighed. You fill immediatley with rage.
  2. "You mean..." You begin to say, but you can't finish your sentence. Shocked, and angrier than yourself, is Ryan. "You always mad me out you be the bad guy! And now you're one of THEM!?" he bellowed at Nathan, who was still being bellowed at by Will.
  3. "Max," You say, "I don't understand, why wouldn't he just die?" "Unfinished business," Max replies, "He's with them for us, apparently - I can see the logic to his madness."
  4. "Logic?" You question. The room is colder than it was before. The sitting room is a state - broken plates and glasses line the floor, and the furnature near Natan has been burnt and has holes in it.
  5. "If you and Will do get captured, you'll probably die, right?" Max says, "Yeah," You say, "But what if we had a allie behind enemy lines? What if Nathan gets you out of there with powers?" Max explains
  6. "How?" You ask, "He'll know, or can find out, where you are. He could break you out with ease." Max said, "Unless Leria finds out about it, then you and Will would probably be power-stripped and freed while Nathan rots, or worse - gets murdered."
  7. "As much as I want to kill him, twist his thoughts until he gets ill, repeatedly through the sofa at his head, I couldn't get him killed for my own well being." You say. Max laughs quietly at you sofa remark. "Well I think you should leave the sofa be for now." He says.
  8. Will is reading everyones thoughts, putting you, a confused psychic, in pure pain. Nathan is bleeding, holding a bloodstained book. You glance at the book case but with a thrust of your wrist towards Nathan, you send him flying, breaking furniture. You run to your room.
  9. You slam the door closed and scream at the top of your lungs. You find a noteboo and write a note to Robby, and one to Leria herself.
  10. The first letter says: 'Robby, I hate to have to tell you this in a letter, but it's safer than calling, you'd worry if I call. And if you call me, no Robby, I'm not going mad. Robby I'm psychic and not your standard reading minds or seeing the future - I can move things, I can read thoughts, implant thoughts and make people feel guilty by showing them their own memories. I'm what people call 'a Fallen' because I get these powers from my ancestors. I miss you loads, but if I may not see you. I'm wanted for my powers. XXX'
  11. The second letter says: 'Leria, I want to tell you all about Nathan. He told us and he's being tortured for it. If it was to help US, you got the better end of that deal because we don't care for him. I always thought he was sweet and kind, but it wasn't real, was it? Or was that before he sold his soul? Leria, I warn you, I am no powerful psychic, I am ignorant and irresponsible. I cannot control my powers. I'm pitiful. Why take me? From _____'
  12. You leave your room and go to Nathan's. He's still downstairs. You remember this room so well. There's a file on the desk. You read it and there's a list of names and ages. Your name and Will's name is on the list. You put Leria's letter in the paper wallet that the list is in and leave. You go downstairs and out of the door. You go to Robby's house.
  13. You get to Robby's house - He lives alone, in a block of flats. You press the button and the door opens. You got up to the third floor and post the letter through his door, and you run home before he comes out to look.
  14. You get home, and go to your room. The boys get louder and louder. Your phone rings and you see it's Robby. "Hello," You say, "____, what's this letter about? " He pauses and hears a loud crash, probably Nathan agaist a wall...again, "Whats going on over there? Should I come over?" "NO!" You say. "Robby, the letter is the truth, believe me." ""

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