Somebody Special Part 1

Hi! So this a new series that I made up called "Somebody Special" **The link to the song that inspired this is in the results** WARNING:there are some really long paragraphs that I apologize for.

Taylor looks similar to Nick Santino, but more cuter! He has dimples, brown hair, he's tall and skinny, and he likes reading and drawing. Jerimiah is your best friend in the story. He has amazing skin, glasses that look adorable on him, and black flippy hair. He's hilarious and is an amazing singer. **New boys descriptions in Part 2~**

Created by: (500)DaysOfChelsie

  1. It was 10 minutes until the bell rang, for it to be Summer. You sat there all alone in your last period since you were sick of everybody at school and couldn't wait to get out. Every once in a while though, you would look over at Jacob, the guy you've been crushing on for pretty much the whole school year. Unfortunately he hasn't paid much attention to you and has treated you kind of crappy lately. He had gorgeous black hair, brown eyes, and a cute, yet quirky personality. You doze off just thinking about him, making up scenarios in your head that will never happen, when the bell rang.
  2. You've known Jacob for quite a while, and you guys actually became pretty good friends. You looked over at him, but it looked like he had no interest in you whatsoever, so while everybody was hugging, screaming, and signing yearbooks, you stormed out of the classroom, not saying bye to anybody, and went striding to the track at the back of the school to start walking home. You knew you weren't the prettiest girl in the world, but you also knew you weren't the ugliest either. You were okay with who you were, and didn't obsess over it like other girls did. You looked around and noticed you were the only one walking. "I guess I'm early." You thought in your head. You heard footsteps like someone was running behind you. You ignored it, but for some odd reason, the person started walking with you. "Hi" he said with a smile.
  3. You looked up at him, and his smile seemed to lighten up your whole day. "Hi." You said back, returing the smile. "You're ______ right?" He asked. "Umm...yeah. How do you know that?" You replied. "Oh, I wasn't trying to sound like a creeper," he said with a laugh,"I just remember your face from the yearbook. Nice to meet you, I'm Taylor." He held out his hand with a gentle smile. "Wow, his hands look soft. I bet he uses Bath&Body Works or something..." You said in your mind. You shook his hand, and you were right; they were soft. (:
  4. You studied his appearance, trying to figure him out. He had luscious brown hair, and he was quite tall, and skinny. He looked a bit like Nick Santino, the lead singer of Rocket to the Moon (look him up if you don't know him) although he was way cuter! "So um, why are you walking with me?" You asked, curious why a guy like Taylor would be walking with a girl like you. "Oh you know, I saw you walking alone, so I decided to catch up and walk with you. You're pretty cute aswell. But if you want I can leave..." He said flirtatiously, with a smile. "No, I'm good, you can stay." You said with a small laugh.
  5. You two continued talking. It was mostly about what you guys were planning over summer and your interests and stuff. You found out that Taylor likes reading, drawing, his parents are indeed divorced, and he plans on spending the Summer with his cancer-cured dad in San Francisco. "Congrats on your dad being cancer-cured. I plan on staying here, gaining weight, and losing brain cells from electro magnetic waves from my tv and computer." He laughed when you said that, and it seemed like his laugh could heal anything. Yes, it was that heavenly. "Well, this is my stop." Taylor said stopping. You looked up and read, "PINE STREET". When you glanced back at him, he was smiling at you and you just noticed that he had dimples right on his cheekbones. Somehow like an anime character or something. They were so adorable on him! "Oh, okay, well bye." You said with a disappointed sigh.
  6. You watched Taylor walk away, and then you started walking. After a 10 seconds are so, you heard running behind you, so you turned around and it was Taylor! Out of breath, he gave you a piece of paper with his number on it. "Call me over the Summer, if you want." He smiled again and you nodded and kissed him on the cheek. You were blushing all the way home. x
  7. You typed in the code for your garage to open, and you went inside of your house. Your mom and dad were mostly at work, so your grandpa was there living with you guys. As usual, he was sitting on the couch watching some kind of action/adventure movie. You went upstairs finding your little brother playing Wii and your little sisters wreaking havoc in your parent's room. You put your stuff down in your room, and closed the door. You were ashamed of yourself because you were drowning yourself in Taylor Swift songs. You just couldn't stop thinking about Taylor. "That sounded awkward because I'm listening to Taylor and I can't stop thinking about Taylor..." you said out loud to yourself with a laugh.
  8. After taking a nap, you were trying to figure out whether you should call/text Taylor now or wait a few days. "Would it make me look desperate?" You asked yourself. "But what if he's waiting for me to call? It's not like I have anything else to do." You dug for your cell phone in your bag and dialed the number written on the piece of paper. It started ringing which made you start panicking, "OH MY GOSH WHY DID I DO THAT?" After the third ring you were about to press the "END" button, but a girl's voice answered. "Hello?" She said into the receiver. "Uh, hi." You answered. "Can I help you?" She said in a sort of bxtchy tone. It was really loud on her side of the call. It sounded like a party. "Um, no. Wrong number." You said a little choked up. She didn't say anything more, but hang up.
  9. You didn't cry. It was a stupid reason to cry. Although you did rape your ears with depressing music that just killed you inside. You called your best friend, Jerimiah. NO, he wasn't gay. You knew him ever since 7th grade, but you guys have come amazingly close this year. You actually had a crush on him and he liked you back, but then this other girl came along; it's a whole different story. Anyways, Jerimiah had flippy black hair, flawless skin, and he wore glasses. He was just one of the most cutest guys you would ever see. You told him about everything and he came right away. You got changed, and told your grandpa you were going out. Jerimiah was waiting outside his car. Once he saw you, and you saw him, you guys started running in for a hug. "Are you ok?" He asked. You nodded and got in the front seat of his car. Coincidently, Jerimiah knew were Taylor's house was, just 4 down from his. You two got out and entered the house. You looked around and the house was completely empty. "Didn't you say there was a party?" Jerimiah asked. "I'm pretty sure there was..." you said. You both walked into the kitchen and saw a cop talking with Taylor. Jerimiah whispered in your ear, "we should go before we get in trouble or something... go" You both tried getting out of the kitchen door when the cop called out,"Not so fast you two. Did you guys just get here?" You nodded. "Why did you come late?" The cop asked. "LET ME TELL YOU OFFICER." You said prepared to vent to the officer about how Taylor didn't tell you about the party RIGHT after you kissed him on the cheek and all that crap. Jerimiah covered your mouth and said,"Officer...Reid, we assure you, we just heard of the party a few minutes ago and we just got here. & we're clean, no need to search us or any of that stuff that would make us feel violated. So we're going to go now, if that's ok with you." The cop nodded and ordered you guys to wait in the living room. You sat down awkwardly and after 2 minutes passed, Taylor came out of the kitchen and sat next to you. "Hey." he said with a faint smile. "Oh, hey. How was your party? Fun, I see." You replied. "Ok, well there's this girl next door named Ashley and today was here birthday and I promised her we could have her party here." He explained. "Why'd she have your phone then?" You asked. "She had my phone? You called me today?" He asked with a smile. Before you could respond, Jerimiah said, "Taylor, do you know them?"
  10. You looked to where Jerimiah was pointing and saw middle aged men in black suits crawling around in the bushes. "Uh no. Maybe they're part of the police department or something." The men broke the glass of the window in which Jerimiah saw them and pointed tazor guns at all three of you. "WHOA WHOA WHOA, HOLD UP!" Jerimiah yelled out, "You guys couldn't use the door? DAMN." Officer Reid walked out the kitchen with a gun and one of the men with the tazor guns shot him, and he fell to the ground. "Is there anyone else with you guys?" One of the men asked. You all shook your heads no, scared to death. The men looked at eachother and took out three viles of drinks. One of the men gave all three of you one and ordered you to drink it. You all did what was asked and immediately, you all fell to the floor.

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