They Love Me Part 14

This is Part 14 of the series "They Love Me" new parts everydaayy! Forserious(: I've been adding new characters but they're only temporary so that you don't get TOO get confused ;)

Dakota has dark brown hair&gray eyes.Matt has black hair&dark brown eyes.Jared has dirty blonde hair&ocean blue eyes.Nick has brown hair&hazel eyes.Taylor has brown hair w/ black highlights&green eyes.Dane has golden brown hair&light purple eyes.Chris is a redhead w/ blue-green eyes.Greyson has black/brown hair&indigo eyes.

Created by: Dannica&KarenLovesYou
  1. Chance moves closer to you but then the door bursts open and there stands a boy with black hair(same hairstyle as the other boys. The "emo hair") and beautiful indigo eyes. "How'd you open the door I locked it!" Chance said with a terrified tone. You stay huddled up in the back of the closet scared yet relieved. The unrecognizable boy pointed a finger at Chance, flicked his finger and Chance flew out of the supply room. You craned your neck to see what happened and the boy flung Chance right into a trash can. You giggled then stood up. "Uhh ermm...hi?" You said to the mysterious boy. "Hey." He said back with a smile that made you get butterflies in your stomach. "Uh thanks for saving me...sweet power you got there." You said in an awkward tone. "Thanks. My names Greyson" he said back holding out his hand;;
  2. You shook his hand and smiled. "Who are you exactly?" You asked curiously. "Well as I told you before, my names Greyson and I'm actually in 3 of your classes." He answered. "Oh." You said back embarassed that you've never even noticed him before. "I heard you scream out and I decided to you know save you from that perv". Greyson said with a shy smile. You noticed that the boys were running over to you. You called out to them,"A little too late guys." They stopped running and Dakota asked,"Uh who's this?" "I'm Greyson." He said looking at the boys with a mysterious look. "Hi?" Chris said looking really awkward. "Uh I better go." Greyson said to you. He smiled, kissed your forehead and ran off to class ;;
  3. "What was that all about?!" Matt asked concerned. "Relax, he's just a friend." You said back with a small laugh. Chance started getting up and Matt transformed to his snake form, slithered over to Chance and bit him on the leg. Chance winced in pain and fell back to the ground. He went back to his human form and smiled at you. You smiled back and asked Dane,"Can I go home?" "Of course you can." He replied. He orbed everyone back home. You went to your room to get some rest and to your surprise you saw Greyson sitting on the bench reading a book.;;
  4. "Hello there?" You said to him. "Hi" he said back with a smile. "What you doing here?" You said with a little sarcasm. "I wanted to make sure you came home safely." He said with concern in his eyes. "How'd you get in my room? Did you fly in?" You said with a little laugh. "Actually...yes." Greyson said back with a shy smile. You went over and sat next to him. "They don't trust me" he said. "Who?" You asked. "Those other boys...I can tell." He said back. "No...they just don't know what your all about yet." You replied. ;;
  5. "I better go." Greyson said. He then orbed out of your room. "So he flies, he has telekenesis, and can orb...nice.". You murmered under your breathe. "_______ JAELYN IS HERE!" Screamed out Chris. You ran downstairs but on the last step accidentally tripped. "AH!" You yelled out preparing to hit the ground. "You're such a spaz." Jared said as he caught you. You stuck out your tounge and muttered,"Thanks." You went over to Jaelyn and you saw she was carrying bags with make-up, her dress, and hair styling items. ;;
  6. You motioned Jaelyn to go upstairs. You changed into your dress in the closet as Jaelyn changed in the bathroom. You both went out and smiled. You both fixed eachothers hair, and as you were putting on your make-up, you heard several rings from the doorbell. You both glanced at the mirror one last time and went downstairs. All the boys were already dressed up in v-necks and vests. Some wore hippie headbands(which were really cute), skinny jeans, and whatever else you want. ;;
  7. "You look beautiful." Matt said to you with a smile. "Agreed." Nick said to Jaelyn. "Thanks." You and Jaelyn said together with huge smiles on you faces. You noticed other girls with the rest of the boys and you immediately didn't like them. Dakota was the first to introduce his date. "This is Echo, she's a really close friend of mine". He said with a shy smile. Echo was wearing a red, elegant dress. The red of her dress was the same color of her lips. "Hi" she said slyly. "Hey." You said back emotionless ;;
  8. Taylor started introducing his date to you. "________, this is Luna" She was wearing a sky-blue medium length dress with diamond studded belt. She smiled at you and you smiled back. "Poser" was the only word you could think of in your mind. Dane then said ,"Harmony, this is ______,_____ this is Harmony". You glared at you, and you glared back. ;;
  9. Jared then introduced his date. "This is Janeah (Jay-na)" "nice to meet you." She said to you with a heart warming smile. "Same to you." Is the only thing you could say. "This is Kristen". Said Chris with a smile. She blew a bubbles of gum and crossed her arms. She was wearing a skimpy mini skirt and a tacky tube top. "Ok?" You spat out to her. "I guess we should go to the dance now." Jaelyn said with an awkward tone. "No one asked you." Kristen said. Nick glared at her and muttered under his breathe,"What the hell is her problem." You all got to the dance and everyone was having a good time. You saw Greyson and you went over to him and said,"Hey!" He turned around, smiled and replied ,"Hey. Having a good time?" "Yes!" You replied with a wide grin. Matt came and said ,"Hi Greyson.". Greyson shyly waved and Matt said to you,"Is he socially awkward?" "Maybe..." You answered with a small laugh. "I'm gonna get some punch." Greyson said then walked off. ;;
  10. Suddenly, you saw Dakota on the stage with his guitar. He sat on a stool and adjusted his mic. "How's everyone doing tonight?" He said into the microphone. "WOOOOO!" Everyone answered. "Alright, well I'm gonna sing a song that's very personal to me and I hope you all like it." He said. He started strumming his guitar and you automatically knew the song he was playing. It was "Remembering Sunday" by All Time Low. The crowd drew silent as everyone started listening intently and slow dancing and swaying back and forth. Echo was coming towards you with a smile you knew was fake. "Heyy" she said. "Hi." You said back. "He told me that this song was dedicated to his parents...and you." She said. "Me?" You asked getting excited. "Yea. Listen, he really likes you... I can tell....that's why you have to stay away from him because he's MINE." She snapped and walked away. "What the hell" you whispered under your breathe. ;;
  11. "Is anything wrong?" Matt said with concern in his tone. "Oh no." She said back. Matt smiled, took your hand and led you outside to the back of the school. There was a beautiful garden with different types of flowers. He sat you down at a bench and said," I've been working on this garden just for you." "You made all this? For me?" You asked with a warm smile. "Yes." He said moving closer. You could hear Dakota still playing onstage and you thought it was going to be a perfect moment. Inches away from Matt's lips, you prepared for a soft kiss. Out of nowhere Matt fell to the ground alternating from his snake form to his human form. He winced in pain only managing to say to you,"Arianne..." "Matt? MATT!?" you yelled out. You turned around going to get help when you saw Brooklyn. She smiled at you wickedly and whispered,"Someone's going to die tonight."

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