Vampire desire part 8

Finally part 8 is out. Sorry to keep you waiting and part 9 will be out soon. Now my eye is on Drake in this quiz. This is just a favour for _ViolaLover_ because she like Drake... I think.

So guys I have a song for you comment about it in the comments please: fries are so tasty. Pie is made from pastry. yeah common we all love glee, it's a good movies, dance all night, give your mom a fright woah. Kiss a boy, then jump for joy. Enjoy this quiz so the song is over...SHIZZ. Did you like it? tell me in the comments!

Created by: glitter
  1. You wake up to see Drake brushing your cheek softly. His eyes were closed, he looked so cute. You shivered, his hand was ice cold and there was a gushing wind from outside. Drake seemed to feel you so he re-opened his eyes. You closed your eyes quickly in attempt to act unconsious. "I know you're awke." he says chuckling. You sigh then open your eyes. You find him flashing his amazing smile, you can't help but smile back. "So the challenge is starting now so get up and get dressed, okay?" he says in a concerned voice, the look he gave you, he was looking at you as if you were the most gorgeous person in the universe. "What?" you say, your smile widening. "What do you mean?" he asks avoidingly. "That look." you reply. "What look?" he asks again. "Your looking at me like you've just seen a rare diamond." you reply.
  2. "Jecrina, you don't understand do you?" he asks cocking his head to one side. "What don't I understand?" You say holding his cold handing his cold hand, ignoring the lingering pain in your rib. "You are the most beautiful thing ever and I want you to be my babe." he says grinning his dazzaling smile that makes any woman swoon. You giggle nervously. "No, not really." you say trough giggles. "No honestly." he says. He leans in, your lips are only inches away from his.
  3. Your lips meet. It makes you feel like jelly so you lean against his body. It is the same sensation you had with Tresten, it feels exactly the same. You suddenly feel guilty so (with a lot of struggle and deciding) you pull away. "Wow" he says, smile widening making him a million times more attractive. "I better change" you say, cheeks flushed with energy. "Okay, I leave you to it." he says and walks out of the tent. You wear...
  4. What ever you chose you wear that. You walk out of the tent and Cello runs to you and hugs you tightly. "I can't breathe." you choke out. "Sorry, I'm so sorry, I could've killed you!" She says letting go. "It was my fault, I jumped infront of you!" I say as the memory flashes back to me but I quickly push it out of my mind. "You know Jecrina, a vampire's kick is very dangerous and could kill a human easily." she says in a stern vioce as if she was giving you a lecture. "I know, I know I wont do it again." you say feeling happy to see her. You breathe in her clothes for the first time ever scince you've met her. She was wearing heavy black boots, black leggings, A black skirt, a black, tee and a black leather jacket. She looked so..ghetto as if she was a worrior.
  5. She sees you staring at her clothes and smiles a cute smile. "You like?" she says. "Yeah, you look awesome." you reply. Then viola walks towards you and hugs you as tight Cello had, maybe even tighter. "She cant breath." says cello noding her head. You also look at Viola's clothes. She was wearing black leather pants, and a black 'tears of blood' t-shirt and black high heeled leather boots.
  6. The guys all arive at once and hug you but they hug you softly enough to get some air. Then someone appears.
  7. It's Veronica. "Are you ready?" she asks smiling as Andrew appears. "Yes, why did you send Mr. woolfy pants over here?" Chris says giving Andrew a look. "Because he will be your anchor." she said with an evil laugh. You cringed. "What the hell is an anchor?" Drake asks confused. "He will try make you guys suffer more when you start winning and he won't stop anchoring you until you have lost a member, he will also make sure Jecrina doesn't get hurt." she said jumping you to sit on a branch. "Wait..." Viola begins to say but Veronica interupts her. "Good luck, you will need it." she says and disappears.
  8. You hear a growling sound and a creature jumps out of a tree. It is the ugliest creature ever. It has a long black tounge, it's eyes are red and flashing, it has the biggest and longest claws ever, it was big, red and scaly. It had green mucous drooling from it's gaigantic mouth and it blinked side ways, it was about 2000 feet tall.
  9. The guys run to it and start fighting while Andrew picks you up and puts you up on a branch and sits next to you. He offers yo some popcorn. "How dare you, you make me watch my friends fight get hurt then go as far as giving me pop corn?" you shout angrily. "Sorry just trying to be nice." he says and eats his popcorn. You stare at him in disbelief. "Nice, you think you're bieng nice?" you say trying not to distract the guys and girls. "Yep." he replies carelessly eating his popcorn. You open your mouth to say something but you close it when you hears a scream. You look down to see the Alex bieng picked up by the beast. It hurled him across the forest and he fell against an oak tree. I picked him up a swollowed him.
  10. Cliffhanger! sorry part 9 WILL BE OUT SOON. And type 'Drained blood part 1" in the search engine, it is a nice story quiz.

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