What vampire will you love? part 2

This is part 2 of my series what vampire will you love. I hope you enjoy it. *If you are the one of the first two people on this quiz you can make a character. Just tell me all about them, what they look like and what they act like.

Alex has dark hair, tall, brown eyes. Levi short black spiked hair, shortest of the three. Zak medium height, blond hair, blue eyes, muscular.

Created by: nickie123

  1. When we left off you were walking home from school when someone grabbed you from behind and you blacked out. Got it?
  2. When you woke up you found yourself laying on a bed in a strange room. You tried sitting up, but felt dizzy so you lied back down. You look around the room. It had pale pink walls that looked almost white will a darker pink carpet. Along one wall was a closed door and along another was an open door which led to the hallway.
  3. You were about to try sitting up again when you heard voices in the hall. You lay back and close your eyes. You hear the footsteps stop by the door to your room.
  4. You hear the footsteps enter your room. "Shouldn't she be awake by now?" you heard Zak say. "I don't know. It depends on how hard she was hit." you hear Alex say. Then Levi gave away you being awake by saying, "Guys, you know she's awake right?" Zak looked at him and said, "You could have said something sooner."
  5. Zak then rushes to you and gives you a big hug. Your eyes open as you sputter out "Zak I can't breathe." "Oops sorry _____." Zak says as he lets you go. Levi then asks if you were alright.
  6. Alex then said, "Do you want something to eat?" You didn't realize how hungry you were until Alex mentioned eating. "Yeah." you reply. "You can get cleaned up then come downstairs to eat." Alex says.
  7. "Wait a second how am I supposed to get cleaned up?! And why am I here in the first place?!" you say suddenly. Zak casually replies, "Oh we snuck into your house and grabbed all of your clothes and..." Alex stopped him before he could say more. "We will tell you why you are here while you eat." "But you went to my house?" you say. "Yeah. Hope you don't mind" Zak said as he left the room.
  8. They all left the room. So you grab which ever clothes you want and walk to the other door in your room. You open it and find a huge bathroom. After taking a shower and getting yourself cleaned up you leave the room and walk down the hallway. At one end of the hallway was a balcony overlooking a pool. Yes a pool. At the other end of the hallway was a staircase.
  9. You go downstairs and find Alex cooking pancakes. "How did you know I wanted pancakes" you say. Zak was on the couch watching the huge tv. He snickered and said "Ask Levi." You look over at Levi to see him sheepishly smile and look away. You frown and eat your pile of pancakes.
  10. You finished your breakfast and put your dishes in the sink. The guys are sitting in the living room. You walk over to them and sit by...
  11. "Ok." You say, "Why am I here?" Alex said, "Before we tell you that we need to tell you about ourselves. We're..." Before he could finish the sentence Zak interrupted,"We're vampires. I have super strength, Levi can read minds, and Alex can hypnotize people."
  12. You stare at all of them in disbelief as Levi and Alex glare at Zak. "What, What did I do?" said Zak. "You just dumped everything on her!"Alex yells at Zak. You interrupt them saying "Why am I here though?"
  13. "Well... you're here because we need to protect you." Says Levi. "From what." "The Coralis Clan." says Alex with a sigh.
  14. "Oh." you say. "I am going to go to my room." Once you get to your room. You lie on the bed thinking about what you just heard. Stay tuned for part 3.

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