How Montanan are You?

Just under a million people live in Montana... and many of these are transplants from Poland to Pasadena, Dallas to Duluth. How much do YOU know about Montana? Are you a true native or can you pass for one? Or will you fall flat on your face into some wapati nuggets?

Are YOU a true Montanan? How much do you know about its places and people? Do you have what it takes to get a good score on this 35 question quiz? Take a few minutes and try it out.

Created by: bbf

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  1. Besides 'Big Sky Country' and 'The Treasure State,' what is another nickname for Montana?
  2. What's the name of the 400 mile long area way up north along US Highway 2, from around Cut Bank or Shelby, east past Malta to over by Glasgow and Wolf Point?
  3. What Cornish food item is a famous specialty of Butte-Silverbow?
  4. What's the name of the warm, dry wind that blows off the east slope of the divide, and melts a lot (or all) of the snow in the winter?
  5. What's the name of the famous college footbal rivalry in Montana, one of the oldest rivalries of its kind in the entire nation?
  6. You're in the area of the state that natives call 'The Pryor(s).' What do you see?
  7. People in Western Montana, especially the Missoula area, have a tongue-in-cheek name for the eastern third of the state. What is it?
  8. Who/what was Big Medicine?
  9. The food/music/speech of North Central Montana has a subtle Southern (Dixie Scotch-Irish, Cajun, etc.) influence. How the heck did this get there?
  10. What's the name of the area way up north and west of Missoula --north of Troy, forming the NW corner of the state.
  11. You're driving around and see a car going 20 miles past the speed limit on the interstate. They have Montana plates and some numbers starting with '12.' on them. Where are they from?
  12. Which Montana city had more millionaires per capita than any place on earth for around a generation and a half?
  13. You're driving past Lima, heading south, which state will you be in in a short time?
  14. What's the nickname of Great Falls?
  15. Who did most Montanans vote for in the 1992 Presidential election?
  16. You're in Makoshika. What do you see?
  17. You and your sweetheart just ate some good Thai food and washed it down with local microbrewed beer. Now it's time to move onto some famous chocolates made at a traditional malt shop with an avian name. What's the most likely place you're at?
  18. You're going antelope hunting with cousins. What's a likely place you'd head to?
  19. What's the name of the area southeast of Shelby, north of Great Falls and southwest of Havre?
  20. How many Indian Reservations are in Montana?
  21. If football is king in the larger high schools of the cities, what sport rules in the small towns, especially in Eastern and Central Montana?
  22. You're in the middle of nowhere out on the plains. You're walking. You're lost. It's hot and will be for hours. You are out of water. Where can you find a temporary source of water so you won't kick the bucket?
  23. Glacier National Park is the only place on earth where...
  24. Minnesotans make fun of Iowa. What state do native Montanans have jokes about?
  25. You're driving from Billings to Flathead lake, but don't want to go through Missoula and up Hwy 93. What's the shortest alternate route?
  26. Montana was one of the first states to give women the vote. It was also the first state to:
  27. You're touring one of the largest antique car museums in the entire West. What town are you in?
  28. How do you say MEAGHER as in 'Meagher County?'
  29. Flathead Lake is the largest real lake (not an inland salt sea and not a manmade reservoir) west of the Mississippi River. The Fieldhouse at MSU is the world's largest free-standing solid dome structure. The Beartooth Plateau is the largest what?
  30. Montana touches more Candadian provinces than any state. Which places does MT border?
  31. Which of the following movies didn't have Montana as a filming location?
  32. What are the five largest ethnic backgrounds in Montana (in no particular order)?
  33. Montana, aptly meaning 'mountainous,' has how many named mountain ranges (more than any other state)?

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