State of Idaho Quiz

This quiz is for anyone who knows Idaho, or thinks they know Idaho, and for transplant Idahoans who want to know more about Idaho. Test your skills in the facts and figures about Idaho.

By taking this quiz, you'll know if you really know Idaho or if you need to brush up on a few things. Remember, Idaho is changing and there are few native Idahoans these days. If you are a native, you'll do well. Good Luck!

Created by: Susan
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  1. What is Pend Oreille?
  2. What is a barpit?
  3. What do you think of when you think of Idaho?
  4. What is the Capital of Idaho?
  5. What is a jockeybox?
  6. What is the name of the current Governor?
  7. How many Indian Reservations are in Idaho?
  8. What is the most famous ski resort in Idaho?
  9. Who had a perfect no loss football season in 2006-2007?
  10. What year did Idaho become a State.
  11. How did Idaho get her name?
  12. What is the State fruit?
  13. Who is the famous Idahoan who wrote the Hokey Pokey in 1953?
  14. Who were celebrities from Idaho?
  15. What is North America's deepest river gorge, even deeper than Grand Canyon?
  16. What is the Salmon River, the longest free-flowing river in one state of the lower 48, called?

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