What area of the US are you really from?

What area of the USA could you live in without appearing out of place? Maybe you thought you sounded like a texan, but are actually an New yorker in disguise! Who knows!

Could you be from the west, the east, or the south.. OR could you be from New York?? Maybe you sound nothing like where you're from. Find out by taking this nifty quiz now!

Created by: Liz
  1. Do you say aunt like ant?
  2. When you go to the store, what do you push around?
  3. What do you call those long sandwiches?
  4. What do you catch yourself saying most?
  5. What do you drink water from?
  6. What is the night before Halloween called?
  7. Whats it called when you throw toilet paper over a tree?
  8. What do you call a carbonated beverage?
  9. Do you own more than 4 pets?
  10. Can you hear the difference between New Jersey accents and New York accents?
  11. Do you think that New Jersey and New York have nearly the same accent because they are next to one another?
  12. Do you pronounce Mary and Merry the same?
  13. Do you think every one in the South sounds the same?
  14. When someone asks you "jeet?" do you know what they're asking you? Be honest!
  15. Do you pronounce the letter G at the end of words?
  16. Do you know what an egg cream is?
  17. Do you think all westerners wear western hats?
  18. How do you say hello?
  19. Where do you think you sound like you're from(this will not influence your results)?

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Quiz topic: What area of the US am I really from?