How Bay Area Thrash are you?

Lots of bands say they're thrash metal, but how much do you know about the birthplace of thrash; 1980's Bay Area. Take this quiz and find out once and for all to find out do you know jack about thrash metal?

How Bay Area Thrash are you? Do you know your 80's metal? If you know thrash, or just think you do, take this quiz and find out. Pull on your patch covered Kutte vest and t-shirt and get yourself towards the stage and ready for the quiz.

Created by: Barnstable
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  1. Which of these bands would you want most to see live?
  2. Which Metallica bassist was from San Francisco?
  3. When you're going to a concert, what do you wear?
  4. What band is KFK in?
  5. Motley Crue?
  6. Metallica was originally from...
  7. Slayer was founded by...
  8. Hair Metal?
  9. Which Metallica album came first?
  10. Dave Mustaine was kicked out of what band?
  11. Cliff Burton?
  12. Slayer's first album?
  13. Where are you at a show?
  14. Your hair is?

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Quiz topic: How Bay Area Thrash am I?