The Useless Quiz

This, is a test. Of the strange... Of the creepy... Of the stupid and useless! But, you can pass this test if you study useless facts in your spare time!

Are YOU Useless, Smart, or just plain stupid? Well to find out, you just have to take the useless quiz! It's the best useless quiz to take when you are bored!

Created by: Caleb
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  1. Are you friends with a pickle?
  2. What would you do if someone picked up a puppy and threw him off a building?
  3. True or False: Is this question true?
  4. Remember yesterday, you fell down, then Spider-man kicked you and you killed him then you said " MUA HA HA!"
  5. Are you a bran flake?
  7. If you said yes on the last question, click the answer that says " I got -6 points!" If not, say "I am the master! I got +6 Points!"
  8. Those last two questions were useless, True or False?
  9. What would you do if someone said "You are useless! Everyone HATES you! MY SPOON IS TO BIG! I AM A BANANA!
  10. This is the last question! True or False: This IS the last question!

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