Think about it!

You really have to study your useless facts to get a good score on this! You realy have to think about it! Are you sure your ready to take this? Maybe you should go study first...=/

Do YOU know your useless facts? Can you think about the answers and make an intelligent guess? Try it! Are you ready?!? Study your useless facts!! Have fun!!

Created by: Yolonda

  1. What's a black cow?
  2. What is the fastest serve?
  3. What is the minimum temperature required for a grasshopper to hop?
  4. What bug can survive up to 2 weeks underwater?
  5. It's illegal to whale hunt in.....(why is it illegal there?)
  6. Who invented the elavator?
  7. Why do people blush?
  8. Who was the first president to wear contact lenses?
  9. What is the longes game of Monopoly ever played?
  10. How many circus performers have been show with cannons?

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