Will you survive my world?

There are a lot of people out there who think they can do anything. But not likely. If you are that smart then you would be discovering the caramilk secret like everyone else.

ARE YOU SMART? CAN YOU LIVE IN MY HEAD? Well lets find out. My MIND IS TORTURE 'CUZ I KNOW MORE ABOUT MY MIND THAN YOU. So please take this quiz and remember. If you don't understand, don't try to explain it to others. Thank You. BYE

Created by: J.D.
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  1. You have entered my mind and first thing you come upon is a trashed street with weird technology. You...
  2. You have survived and now you are in the middle of a street with zombies. You...
  3. Its dark now and you have been sleeping in a campsite when you hear something outside. You...
  4. It was a person that was outside of the tent. Perfectly healthy with a few scratches. They ask if you can help them get to safety. You...
  5. An alien has you hostage (the alien is the person you found at the camp) and you have to do something... you...
  6. Good you live. So now a tough one. You made it to a desert somewhere in Mexico. You could choose a cave. Or you can have a tour bus. Which one?
  7. You are driving down the road and RaptorMan suddenly appears right when the tour bus stops. Uh Oh!
  8. You are almost at the exit of my mind. How do you get there?
  9. You crash on a planet of..... um.... I think they are bears or bigfoot so.. what do you do...
  10. You escaped my mind. Yay are you happy 'cuz I am.

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Quiz topic: Will I survive my world?