The Modern Warfare 2 Quiz

In a world of hatred and war, you must know the skills to survive. In a world of Modern Warfare 2, you will kill or be killed. This quiz is not only for fun, but to hone your senses and become a master of MW2. Take it or DIE!!!!! lol jk.

Will you survive the gruesome world of 2016? Russians everywhere, popping at every corner. will you succeed in taking down the evil? Take your gun, Enter the world, And survive.

Created by: Polo

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  1. Who is the person who trains the local people how to aim, fire, throw grenades, etc?
  2. In "The Pit," who is the person who tells you to get ready for the training course?
  3. In Cliffhangar, how do you escape the base?
  4. What is the name of the man who supplied the terrorist group of Makarov.
  5. Who is the leader of Task Force 141?
  6. What happens after you take the DSM to Shepard after assaulting the Estate of Makarov?
  7. Where is the airport located where Makarov and his terrorists attack.
  8. Where are you when you locate prisoner 627?
  9. What year is the setting?
  10. What is the name of the Humvee that follows your Humvee in the First mission?
  11. How many intel pieces are there in the whole campaign?
  12. What is the maximum number of level-ups you have to get before you go to prestige?
  13. What caused all of the chaos in Modern Warfare 2 Hint:You have to know what happens in Modern Warfare 1 to answer this, if not then guess.....
  14. How many people are subscribed to the PSN?

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