Do you use your brain?

Some people think that you don't have to think for a job or a life, but you do! Your brain must always keep you going! Even blinking takes effort! Isn't that cool?

But movement isn't the only thing your brain does, You learn too! But some people don't put 100% love on a 100% brain! Find out if you do with a incredible brain test like this!

Created by: Grace

  1. How did you spell " Enterprising " before you read this question?
  2. How long was your longest hand-written writing essay?
  3. You get a math packet. How many problems can you do, how easy are they, and do you work alone or with a partner?
  4. When you study history in Soc.Studies, what are you doing?
  5. What are you doing for science fair this year?
  6. What language would you MOST want to learn?
  7. Do you take music class? If you do, why?
  8. What do you like in art class?
  9. What job do you most want?
  10. How many words per minute could you type in 6th grade?
  11. Do you like P.E.?
  12. What "Label" do the other kids put on you?

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Quiz topic: Do I use my brain?