What level is your brain?

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There are many smart people, but have you ever wondered how smart you really are? Some straight A students have a low brain level, they just study.

Being smart and having a high brain level are two completely different things. Smart kids do poorly on pop quizzes, whereas high capacity brain power kids do.

Created by: Cheesems9

  1. Hello. Let's start with a warmup round. I will show you a pattern, you tell me what comes next.
  2. ◀◀🔼▶▶🔽◀▶🔼◀▶🔽◀◀?
  3. ⭕⛔🕕🔴⭕🕕⛔🔴
  4. ⚪⚫⚪🔶⚫⚪⚫🔷
  5. Round 2!! I will give you a passage and ask a question. Answer the correct one.
  6. There were five kids. Dawn, Joe, Malcolm, Laurie, and Brenda. They went to an ice cream shop. They each got a double scoop ice cream cone, and each cone had two flavors. Each flavor was used twice. How many flavors were there?
  7. Jacob was climbing a tree. He got to the top and climbed back down.. It took him 6 minutes to get up and down the tree, and he took twice the amount of time getting up as he did getting down. How long did it take him to get down?
  8. A mom went to the supermarket to buy cereal. It normally cost $3.00 per box, but there was a sale. It was "$5 for Three Boxes" She wanted two boxes. Should she buy two boxes individually or should she buy three boxes with the sale?
  9. Round 3!!! These are thinking out of the box questions!! Just do what your brain tells you is the right answer.
  10. 🔗 ----- Zoom into that picture. Is that an optical illusion or is it possible?
  11. You are stranded on an island with two people. One of them is a really annoying person your age, and the other is a very nice person who is a lot older than you. The nice person is very sick and the annoying person knows a cure. The annoying person tells you to go find a coconut. There are two trees and you can't see the top of either. One has coconuts and one doesn't, but you don't know which one is which. The nice person only has minutes left until he/she dies. Which of these is the most vital tool that you would need to get a coconut in time and look in both trees, but you only had time to climb one?

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