How Intelligent Are You?

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Are you ready to quiz your brain? This is the right quiz to test your level of intelligence! Are you highly intelligent? Do you have what it takes to be considered intelligent?

This quiz will be scored as follows: Scores 0-16% (Mentally Challenged) Scores 17-33% (Unintelligent) 34-50% (Low Intelligence Level) 51-64% (Average) 65-84% (Smart) 85-100% (Highly Intelligent)

Created by: marissajsparkle

  1. How often do you read?
  2. If someone asked you to fight, how would you respond?
  3. Do you take any drugs?
  4. What grades do you usually get in Algebra?
  5. What is wrong with this sentance?
  6. Is there anything wrong with this sentence.
  7. What is your opinion on school?
  8. How do your teachers usually treat you?
  9. how many erors are found in this sentense?
  10. Fill in the blank, "It is your______that matters!"
  11. What is your opinion on aliens?
  12. Is there anything wrong with this sentence?
  13. Are you a slow learner?

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Quiz topic: How Intelligent am I?