What kind of "smart" are you?

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There are plenty of intelligent people. Well, alright, there are several intelligent people. I take it you're one of them. Well, step right up and let's find out what kind of intelligence dominates *your* beautiful brain?

There are seven possible results, which I may or may not expand in the future. So take this quick and painless test to find out if you're hawt or nawt. At least by my standards. ;)

Created by: pianistgirl
  1. So then, first things first. Has anyone ever called you "smart"?
  2. Are you well-groomed?
  3. What kind of television shows do you watch?
  4. Can you code?
  5. Do you think you're smart?
  6. Okay, then. Say Airplane A travels North at 12 mph and Airplane B travels West at 9 mph. How far away will the planes be from each other 20 minutes after they left the same airport?
  7. Are you self-aware?
  8. Have you ever been inwardly annoyed because someone is doing something "utterly stupid!"?
  9. Now something a little sensitive for you folks. Have you ever been in a relationship?
  10. Have you ever done homework for someone else?
  11. Just a few more questions! Have you gone to a convention for a specific hobby you have? (Comic-Con, Anime-Con, etc.)
  12. Last question! Your opinion of this test? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: What kind of "smart" am I?