which guy is just for you

Do you want to know what kind of person you are attracted to? Are they smart video game fanatics, athletes, goof offs or incredibly strong? Take this quiz to find out.

Maybe you should look for somebody who loves game. Maybe it should be some one who can make everyone laugh. This quiz will tell you the kind of guy you should be with, and no other.

Created by: BxdevilishousxB

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  1. you go to a party with your best friends and you see the most popular guys in school coming your way. Who do you find the most attractive?
  2. When they reach you, Damion comes the closest and asks you if you want to come outside with them. You reply
  3. Once outside, they lead you to a convertible. Tyler slides in the driver seat. Who do you want to sit by?
  4. Whoever you chose, you sit with Joseph on one side and Damion on the other. They start driving away. You ask them were their going but no one answers you. What are you thinking?
  5. Finally, you arrive at a huge house. Damion grabs your hand and helps you out of the car. As he leads you up the steps, what are you thinking?
  6. You enter the house and Damion transfers you to Tyler. He takes you into a side room where you can sit by one of the boys. Who do you sit by?
  7. Eventually, you sit in a chair to the side and demand to be told whats going on. Joseph turns to you and says "We all think you're hot but want you to choose which one of us you like the most, so we want you to stay with us to decide.
  8. Damion interrupts you before you can say a word. "It's just for a month. At the end you can decide who you want to date. Now it's getting late so I'll show you to your room so you can sleep this off." What are you thinking as you go to your new room?
  9. Damion opens the door for you and you both enter. as you walk in you see all of your stuff from your house, and immediately do what?
  10. Once you sit on your bed, Damion joins you. He kisses your neck and then whispers in your ear "____, promise me you'll give me a chance. don't choose someone else until you get to know me." How do you reply?
  11. Damion nods and walk out, leaving you to your dreams. What do you dream about?
  12. you wake up and see a guy by your bed but not on of the boys from last night. He gives you a crooked smile and says your his. What do you do?
  13. That's the end of part 1. Who are you majorly loving so far?

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