What Video Game Character Would You Be?

This is a quiz to see who you are most like from your favorite video games. I am sorry if your favorite game characters are not her. I am not you, so please don't hate on me please.

Are you truly the game character you think you are? Probably not, but you will find out who you truly are thanks to my handy-dandy quiz I made during school. Please don't tell my teacher.

Created by: deez_nuts
  1. A bully comes up to you, what do you do.
  2. A girl flirts with you. What would you do?
  3. What would you bring to show n tell?
  4. Having fun?
  5. Weapon of Choice
  6. Subscribe to 1NF4M0US on YouTube. That is a zero, not an o. I make Pyrocynical copy videos
  7. A man mugs you? What would you do?
  8. You want to take up a new hobby. What would you do?
  9. Greatest fear?
  10. Bye

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