Who would you be in 'The Walking Dead: The Game'

This quiz is about the The Walking Dead video game and The Walking Dead: Season Two video game. It asks questions that are real situations in the game.

The quiz is supposed to describe what character you would be in the video game. There is 10 characters that you can possibly be in the quiz. Some of these characters are from Season one some in Season two some in both.

Created by: WalkingFat
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  1. The outbreak has started, what do you do?
  2. While in the forest, you stumble into survivors, you?
  3. Your friend is bitten on the arm, you?
  4. When someone tells you a secret, you?
  5. Someones crying, you?
  6. You've been kidnapped, you?
  7. You see a horde close to your group, your friends aren't aware of the horde what do you do?
  8. You are surrounded by bandits you?
  9. A car drives by accepting you a ride to Wellington, you?
  10. You find a stash of food in a basement you are in, you?

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