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  • I think the questions could have been more complex. For instance, you could have immersed the reader in their setting and elaborated on the situation surrounding it. Instead of simply saying that I come across a group in the forest, you should describe what my current objective and situation is (ex. searching for shelter, a family member, the current weather, time of day, etc.) and you should also describe the group quantitatively and qualitatively (ex. number or men/women/children, how many supplies are they carrying, what supplies they are carrying, the possible leader of the group, if there is any diversity or is it a family, any outstanding physical traits, etc.) This may seem like it could limit the possible answers that someone can choose, but it doesn't. The complexity makes the quiz more interesting and realistic and helps the quiz taker to have a more clearer yet challenging opinion and choice. I know you are basing the quiz off of "The Walking Dead" game, but instead of trying to mimic the story and the situations in the game, focus on the personalities of the characters and how they might truly react in a given situation, even if that situation never actually occurred in the game. Another suggestion would be for you to limit the number of characters you are evaluating. Pick about 5 of the main characters with the most distinctive and unique personalities, examine and observe their abilities, emotions, backgrounds, etc. and create 5 possible reactions to each situation based on those 5 different characters. The problem with putting too many characters is that you have to examine all of them and make separate choices available for all of those characters so that the quiz taker gets the most accurate answer out of it, but that'll be too much work on your part, so you should stick to a minimum yet very reasonable limit of 5 characters.

  • My result is Clementine! She is so sweet. I love her. Maybe one day I will meet her in Heaven and date her. Hey! You never know! :D 10/10 Quiz. Also, I'm 13 years old. ^^

  • Yay, I'm Lee! I'll save you, Clementine!


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