Which Walking Dead Game Character Are You?

Hello! My name is Keye and this is my first quiz made! It's based on The Walking Dead Game since I love it so much! Answer the questions to determine which character you would be!

I hope you enjoy this quiz! It's only 20 questions but I put a lot of thought and heart into it. It took me about 5 hours in total for me to come up with the questions, make sensible answers, and make sure that they add up with the character results! Once again thanks so much for trying this out and I hope you enjoy!

Created by: DreadHeadGamezAlot
  1. What is the first rule of survival?
  2. Where is the safest place to camp?
  3. Someone is screaming at the top of there lungs for help! What do you do?
  4. Survive with a group or alone?
  5. You just found out someone in your group betrayed you...What do you do?!
  6. You are in the woods and there are zombies in every direction, you have limited ammo in your pistol and have a knife as a secondary. What do you do?
  7. You ran into some hostile bandits who demand you to give up all your goods. And yes, they have guns. Their shooting accuracy is unknown.What do you do?
  8. It's you, and your best friend in a shootout. He/She has been shot and is trying to crawl to safety. What do you do?
  9. How are you enjoying this quiz so far? (Does not apply to results)
  10. Your best friend and your Boyfriend/Girlfriend are in trouble with walkers and both need your help.Who do you save?
  11. What would you eat?
  12. How do you feel about betrayal overall?
  13. What would you drink?
  14. Unattended Loot in a house that looks pretty in shape.What do you do?
  15. You find an unknown, seemingly friendly group asking if you could help them, what do you do?
  16. You find a woman out in the woods crying , she is bitten on the arm. The wound looks fresh though. Help, leave or kill?
  17. You've been bitten on the arm! What should you do?!
  18. A woman in your group in pregnant and going in labor! She sadly doesn't make it upon delivery and you have to shoot her so she won't turn. What should we do with the baby?
  19. Say you are the leader of your group, and one of the group members starts getting mouthy with you! What do you do?
  20. Last question. What would you want a good friend, a lover, or a family member to do if you got bit and it was to late to chop a limb?

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Quiz topic: Which Walking Dead Game Character am I?