How well do you know The Walking Dead (Video Game)

This Quiz is about the one and only The walking Dead! I am a Huge fan and that is why I really wanted to make this quiz! Its only based on the game (sorry) and on episode one, A New Day and I hope to make some more if this is liked!!

I hope you enjoy this quiz as its my first one ! Have you got enough walking dead brains to get a hundred percent? Well let's find out !! ADVENTURE!!!

Created by: Jenny
  1. How old is Lee Everett ??
  2. Who attacks Lee when he is talking to Clementine on her walkie talkie?
  3. Who Comes to Lee and Clementine s rescue and drives you out of Atlanta?
  4. What family do you meet at Hershel's farm? 🚹🚺🚼
  5. What terrible thing happens at Hershel's? ✖✖
  6. Who saves you (And Duck XD) by gunning down the walkers in Macon?
  7. What does the player find out about Lee? ...
  8. What do you discover while looking around? ✴
  9. What does Lee discover about Clementine? In the office 💠💠
  10. When the drug store gets overrun with zombies (OMG!!) What decision must you make?
  11. When your group transfers to the motor inn, who decides to leave to be with their friends in Atlanta?
  12. Finally, who threatens you not to go near lily and knows your a convicted murderer?
  13. Did you enjoy this quiz? ♥♥♥♥It was my first one just for the first episode of the walking dead should I carry on making them?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Walking Dead (Video Game)