Kendall Lu--This is my quiz!

If you are taking this quiz then I am sure you know that I am Kendall Drook. You may know who I am but do you really know me? It's time to dig a little deeper and find some more things about me. In just a few minutes you will find out if you are one of my greatest friends...or if you are a stranger to me.

There are many intelligent people...but I would rather you be smart than intelligent. If you are intelligent you know many facts, dates, and historical events. But if you are smart, you care about the people around you, and you remember to bring home the books that lead to many facts and events.

Created by: Kendall Drook

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is my birthstone?
  2. What is my mom's name?
  3. What breed of dog do I have?
  4. Who is my favorite football team?
  5. Which school did I go to before I moved to Oak Hill?
  6. How many years did I play soccer?
  7. What food have I never tried in my life?
  8. What is my favorite season?
  9. What color is my hair?
  10. How many sibling do I have?
  11. What are my favorite stores to shop at?
  12. What kind of shoes do I wear most often?
  13. What church do I attend on Sunday mornings?
  14. Where do I plan on going to college?
  15. My birthday is on the month of...?
  16. What is my favorite song?
  17. What is my favorite color?
  18. What instrument(s) do I know how to play?
  19. What is my middle name?

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