What Level Howrser Are You?

Are YOU a Howrse Master? Well, are you? Find out! Test yourself and watch your brain get brainier! This test will see how well you know your Howrses!!

C'mon, c'mon! Aren't you gonna test that big ol' brain of yours? Come. On. You still reading this...? Whatever. I am leaving. Take the test, my little student, take it!!

Created by: Cecelia
  1. How many Passes is a Nyx Pack?
  2. How old must a horse be to enter competitions?
  3. What is the highest possible skills a horse can have?
  4. Which Divine horse gives it's owner a Nyx Pack every 19th day of every month?
  5. What do you get for sponsoring a new player?
  6. How many Karma points do you need to access the Direct and Private Sales?
  7. Which of these Divines and Specials can NOT be sold?
  8. What Black Market item must you buy to get the Hera's Privilege?
  9. How many days of seniority do you need to open and Equestrian Center?
  10. Which Divine gives your newest born horse +10% in energy, and sometimes a Horn of Plenty?
  11. How many Karma points do you need to post and idea in the Idea Forum?
  12. What is Objective number 27?
  13. How old must a horse be to start training?
  14. Which Black Market item costs the most?

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Quiz topic: What Level Howrser am I?