Are you Lilly or Lola?

Hannah Montana's sporty and spunky Lilly doubles as sweet and stylish Lola in Hannah Montana.But they have totally different personalities and hobbies.Lilly is more a drama queen yet she still can hang out with the guys.Lola is more like a crazed fan after she sees Gwen Stefani.But they are both glam!

Are YOU more like Lilly or Lola?Do you like to hang out with the guys or just party with your friends all night long?Take this absolutely styling fun quiz and find out if your personality is more like Lilly or Lola!

Created by: Victoria

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  1. You can totally hang like "one of the guys".
  2. You never refuse a dare.
  3. You love wearing funky hats and wigs.
  4. You're easily starstruck.
  5. You can adjust to change easily.
  6. You like to show off your talents.
  7. You can playfully embarss your friends.
  8. You get excited easily.
  9. You think heavy makeup is totally rockin!
  10. You never change your look.
  11. You go by different names sometimes.

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Quiz topic: Am I Lilly or Lola?