Which one of my dogs are you?

Take this fun quiz and you will find out which one of my 3 dogs you are like are you Cleo,Bertie or lola take the quiz to find out it does not take long to do and it is fun

Which one of my dogs are you most like take this fun quiz and find out if you are Lola,Bertie or Cleo it only takes a few minutes and then you will know what dog you are like

Created by: Ez

  1. Do you enjoy eating
  2. Do you like having fun
  3. Do you like animal shows
  4. Have you ever been to a animal rescue centre
  5. Do you prefer Pedgree dogs or cross breeds
  6. Do you like watchdogs
  7. Do you like big are small animals
  8. Do you like walking
  9. Do you like beards
  10. Do you like dogs

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Quiz topic: Which one of my dogs am I?