All about dogs it is very fun

are you a dog genius. there are only a few true dog genius. a dog genius is someone that knows all sorts of breeds of dogs and knows about all the dog breed groups. and they can tell what a dog is by reading about the breed. are you a dog genius

this quiz is quite hard it is 10 quistions long it is about dogs so if you are someone that knows alot about dogs or loves dogs then this quiz might seem easy.

Created by: Erin of erinsgreatguineapigs
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  1. What breed of dog from the list below is not real.
  2. What breed of dog is hairless
  3. What breed of dog has a Beard.
  4. What breed of dog does not come in brindle
  5. What breed of dog is not in the hound group.
  6. What breed of dog Has long hair
  7. What breed of dog has a fluffy coat.
  8. What breed of dog comes from italy
  9. What breed of dog am i describing. I am very stubborn and active we make good watchdogs and we have a deep bark. and the males do not get on well with over dogs. and we do not get on that well with other pets. but we are good pets
  10. What breed of dog am i Decribing. We are independent and are dominant dogs. and we have very strong hunting instincts. we are very loyal to are family.

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