What Breed Of Dog Are You?

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There are many, many dog breeds. In fact there are over 100 breeds. If you LOVE dogs (like me!) then take this quiz (yes, this very one!) to see what breed you are most alike with!

There are only four different results in this quiz, so don't expect loads! Like I'm probably going to say 800 times, I'm so so so sorry if you don't get the result you want!

Created by: grace

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  1. If a robber came to your house to steal something, would you...
  2. Your Mum (owner) is ready to take you on a walk, you...
  3. You see lots of other peeps of your own style (breed) do you...
  4. Are you enjoying the quiz?
  5. Choose wisely...
  6. What colour is your hair?
  7. What colour are your eyes?
  8. Do you like sleeping?
  9. How often do you play sport?
  10. What result do you want? Sorry if you don't receive it!

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Quiz topic: What Breed Of Dog am I?