Which breed of dog are you?

This quiz is all about the different breeds of dogs. Though there are only 6 breeds included in this quiz, it will hopefully help you determine which one of them is closest to your own personality.

Which Dog Breed Are You? Haven't we all wondered this ponderous question at SOME time or other in our lives? I know I have! So, my friends, wonder no more! Now you can determine which dog, out of these 6 chosen breeds of dog, you are most like!

Created by: Loldog
  1. Somebody insults you! You:
  2. Your favourite colour is...
  3. Which feature appeals most to you?
  4. Pick a word...
  5. You like to be...
  6. What word describes you most?
  7. Your best friend is being beaten up! What do you do? Quick!
  8. 1 + 1 = what?
  9. Your worst feature is...
  10. Your best feature is...
  11. What is your dream job?
  12. When you are meeting new people at a scoial situation, you...
  13. You normally wear...
  14. Last question! Do you like cookies?
  15. Tricked you! That wasn't the last question! How did that make you feel?
  16. If you hurt somebody's feelings by accident, what would you do?
  17. You get the chance to go an stage! What do you do?
  18. Last question! (for real this time!) What did you think of my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which breed of dog am I?