Once Apon A Time In Galaxyville At 1889 A Gang With 6 People Had To Find A Million Of Emeralds. Cindy And Lola Found Them On The Ship. They Were Supposed To Get 8 Emeralds Each. Andrew's Job Was To Light The Emerald At Afternoon. Glazyville Was The Land Of Emeralds. Lola Had A Born Baby Named Rebecca. The Emeralds Were Hidden In Galaxyville.

Can You Pass This Test? Did You Read The Story Already? I Hope So. Until Now You Could Only Wonder...But Thanks To This Great Quiz, In A Few Minutes You Are Able To Find Out To Qualify The Answers!

Created by: bbbbbbbbbbb

  1. In Dazzleopolis, What Was The Emerald's Name And Color That Lola Was Holding?
  2. What Year Was It In Glazyville?
  3. If Lola And Cindy Was At The Secret Room In The Boardship, What Did They Find?
  4. Felicity And Megan Was Incharge Of Stealing The Plant. What Does The Plant Do?
  5. What Was Felicity's Baby's Name?
  6. What Type Of Day Did The Emerald Change The Planet?
  7. How Many Emeralds Did Cindy Need To Steal From The Ship?
  8. The Golden Godness Emerald Was Hidden In What City?
  9. What Was Andrew's Job Of The Emerald?
  10. Lastly, What Describes Glazyville?

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