Best of Both Worlds

This quiz is about the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. Questions about the characters and the stars. Who are the stars? Questions like that. Questions about Miley, Billy Ray, Emily, Mitchel, Jason and Cody.

Questions about Miley/Hannah, Robby Ray, Lilly/Lola, Oliver, Jackson and Jake. Who is Miley? Why did Miley and Jake get together? Just questions like that.

Created by: Ashley

  1. Who is Miley Stewart?
  2. Who are her friends?
  3. Who is Miley's brother
  4. Why does Miley have an altar ego?
  5. Why does Lilly have an altar ego?
  6. Who is Rico?
  7. Who is Robby Ray in real life?
  8. Who is Roxxi?
  9. Who is Jake Ryan?
  10. How did Jake and Miley get together?

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