Are you a TRUE Drake and Josh fan?

Drake and Josh is an awesome, cool, amazing, super galactically insanely fun show which I absolutely L-O-V-E! Do you love it too? Or are you just curious? Well whatever the reason, PLEASE TAKE THIS QUIZ!

Do you think you know Drake and Josh? Well, DO YOU? With this quiz, you can find out. Are you a TRUE Drake and Josh fan? Do you know the answer to each question? I wonder...

Created by: Molly

  1. Who is Josh's boss?
  2. Where does Josh work?
  3. What instrument does Drake play?
  4. Who is Megan?
  5. What colour is Drake's hair?
  6. What is one of the bets Drake and Josh make?
  7. What is the surname of Josh's favourite magician?
  8. What does Josh's favourite magician tell Drake he can't put ketchup on?
  9. Who did Drake nearly run over when he was taking his driving test?
  10. How does Drake badly hurt himself?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE Drake and Josh fan?