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Ages 11 and up plz!!So what happens? Does the Son raise up from the dead? Is that even possible? And the title Old Habits? will you sink into evil again?

More than Just love is a series about a love more than romantic. Its about good and evil. Which side will you choose. How ill things end? Dont forget to leave comments!!

Created by: Kirsteen111

  1. "Death to life? Isnt it supposed to go the other way around. I mean.. how can you do that?" You say confused. The Father tries to explain but by going through the story.. "After all the humans were born in the Valley of Death... We wanted you all to come to the City of Light. To see what is good instead of evil. That is why he willingly died. For you and the humans." You feel special the way he said it. 'For you' was emphasized. You then ask him, "If you are strong enough to bring someone back to life... Why is there even A Valley of Death? Like, cant you destroy it?"
  2. The Father walks toward the city. You follow closely waiting for a response. Then he speaks. "What good is making the people of the dark join the light unwillingly? Then they would be here and would hate it. Making someone do something has never been my desire. I want them to WANT to come here. Not be forced to. Thats why i wont destroy the Valley of Death." You kind of understand his reasons. You keep walking without asking any more. You like the feel of the grass under your feet and the deep blue sky above your head. You follow the father to a river of water.
  3. He bends down close to the water. "You can drink it." You listen to him and grab a hand full of water and drink it. Immediatly you start feeling refreshed. You take another handfull and feel the cool water go down your throat. You see him smile and he says, "Now look at your reflection." You obey looking into the reflection. WHAT?!!
  4. You see a beautiful woman staring back at you. Her hair is lustious and shining brightly. And her eyes... They are glowing. Her skin is moist and smooth. She is georgous. Thats when you realize, shes you! The Father laughs, "The water has healed you." You join with a small chuckle. You feel your skin and hair. Smooth. Then the Father shows you to a giant green tree. "Try the fruit!" He picks you one. You eat it and feel a tingle in your head. You start to laugh hard. And you take another bite and start giggling again. This tastes way better than that bark you had!
  5. The father says, "I have to finish working on the mansion. Feel free to talk to the animals." Then he leaves. You look around seeing a few animals walk up to you. Whats your favorite animal?
  6. Which ever animal you chose that one came up to you. You stare at the animal and the animal stares back. You begin to wonder if it can talk. But then a tiger suddenly jumps inbetween the two of you and the tiger laughs, "You have to forgive him. Hes really shy! But not me!" You are stunned at the voice! But you get used to it quickly and talk to the tiger, "I can see that you arent shy at all!" The tiger leaps around, "My name is T. Lets have fun!" He gets close enough for you to pet. You say, "Umm, my names ___. What do you mean by 'fun'?" T smiles and says, "Ill show you!" He runs toward a hill nearbye, you of coarse are not as fast as him but you run anyway. You make it to the hill and the tiger runs to the top so you follow. Once your at the top you look at the tiger and say, "So.." The tiger jumps into the air and says, "This is gravity hill!" Younotice quickly that T is not coming back down from the jump. You look down at your own feet which are floating two feet above the ground! You try jumping more into the air and you do! "WOW!!" You yell out and start doing flips in the air. You laugh
  7. You keep laughing and playing for hours. (Hey your never too old to have fun!)After that you and T. manage to go back down to the ground. Thats when you hear a sound coming from nearbye. You say, "What was that?" T looks alarmed, "That sound came from the Valley of Death, We should go now!" He bites your clothes and tugs you in the other direction. Why is he acting so weird?
  8. You begin to tug toward the Valley of Death. "I see, a blue light." You say now that you are only a few feet away from the blackness. T, tugs harder in the other direction, "No, its just a trick! Lets go before you get sucked in!!" Thats all he could say under the grip of his teeth on your clothes. You brush him off lightly. "Im not going in I just want to take a look." You are about to go a step closer when you hear the Father. "______!!" You hear his distant voice call your name. You run back toward the city of light. There he is standing next to a house. A small one.
  9. "You can sleep here for now. That is until the mansion is finished." He smiles and leaves. You go into the small house. Its cute and very simple. You go in and T sleeps on the floor. You sleep in the soft bed not thinking of much before you drift into sleep.
  10. two days later, after sleeping eating and just having fun. You walk back to the border of the Valley of Death. T is gone so now no one is around. You look into the darkness and there it is.. the blue light. You look around, no ones watching. You take one step closer and the light gets even brighter. You step into the darkness just barely.. Your breathing becomes irratic. But you continue following the blue light. Each step is harer and harder. Wow its really dense here.. You feel like your being watched. You stop when you hear a flap. Your breathing very loudly now. You swollow and turn around so fast that you almost fall over. But there is no one there. You study the darkness but you had forgotten how dark it is here. There is nothing to study, because its too dark.
  11. You follow the blue light slowely you reach a lake of water. The water is glowing so beautiful. Thats when you hear a thred behind you, "You know how the Father says this is poisoned? Poison kills you right? But I have been in there several times and im still alive." The raspy voice is whispering in your ear. You dont turn around but you still listen to the thing. "I know many humans who have gone in there and they enjoyed it. They came out looking better." You respond saying, "But everyone here looks like ash and they are ugly." The raspy thing laughs, "Now who told you that? You may have only seen the humans who havent been in the water yet. Yes they are ugly but not the ones who have been in the water." The thred then flew away. And was replaced by a frightenly familiar voice. Torrent.
  12. "That thred was telling the truth! Every human who has been in that water has lived. And they have regained their beautiful human faces." Torrents voice is dark and very low pitched. You begin to look deeply into the water. Torrent never speaks like that though, you remember when he called you worthless. You ask him about that, "You called me worthless why are you saying it will make me beautiful?" Torrent laughs, "Did I call you that? Thats beacause you have not been in the water! You must go into the water to be beautiful in my book" Torrent finishes with a hiss of laughter.Then he waits. You look at the water glowing blue. Maybe i will be even more beautiful then i am now, you begin to think. What do you do?
  13. You dont think twice about it and you jump into the water.
  14. You jump in and feel the splash of water. you feel it completely surround you and you feel this amazing feeling. Like being massagged. And you smile. But... then you feel something different. Something you have not quite felt before. No you have felt this before but not this intense. You feel alone. Bitterly alone..
  15. You feel scared now. You feel alone. Then you notice how the water isnt blue at all! Its a grey. A dark grey. Thats when you feel the worst pain you have ever felt in your life. You screech! Your mouth is open and you are hunched up in a ball because of how much it hurts. The pain is in your spine and in your neck. Then it suddenly moves to your whole body. Everything aches and your body is in such shock that you begin to shake violently! Your life feels like its crumbling. One of the worst parts besides the pain is that you are sinking.
  16. You are staring up. You see something floating in the water. Since your now at the bottom of the lake all you can do is stare up. You cry as you realize that the things floating are bodies. Scorched and burned. Most of them have no eyes, and you can tell they died, in pain. Because their mouths were largly opened. Some of them didnt have their jaws any more. This was poisoned but not with poison. It was full of acid. Thats why the bodies looked like they were burned. You cant look at them any more because of how utterly disgusting they look. You are now crying your eyes out. And everything hurts. You are in too much pain to swim to the top of the lake. You cant swim at all. Partly because your fingers are degrading.. "WHAT?!!" you scream as you see your own fingers... falling off.
  17. You onlu have enough oxygen left to cry out for someone to save you. Who will you call out to.
  18. You call out with the little oxygen you have, "Son save me!!" You wait for two more seconds when your vision blurrs. But then the next thing you know you are on dry land. You are coughing up black water. And your hands are shaking. Or whats left of them is shaking. And your heart beat is very fast. You are still couching when you feel the ground beneath you, (you are on your knees). Who saved you?
  19. Yes it was the son. You look up and see his perfect face. He has tears coming down. You realize he is sad because of what you look like. The son picks you up and holds you tightly. His hug is warm and reassuring. He walks to the river with you in his arms. He puts you down next to the river and uses his hands to cup in some water. Before he puts the water on you, you look at your refection... no. Oh no. That cant be me! You feel tears run down. The girl in the reflection is burned badly. She has no hair. She has only three fingers total. Her skin is sharred. One eye is sealed shut. She is horrendous to look at. So bad that you cant look at her anymore. No wonder the Son was weeping.
  20. He sprinkles some water on you and you feel a it better. You drink some as well. After ten minutes of being in the river you come out feeling much better but you still dont have your hair or your fingers. The Son finally says, "You know how much pain this brings me dont you?" He looks so sad. You know how much pain this must be for him. He just went through a horrible death to save you from doing this but you did it anyway, "Yes I do and im so sorry" Thats all you can say. And thats all you could say for the next five days.

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