How much of a Somali are you

I have a lot of close Somali friends that I hang around with here in America. I find them very friendly, sweet and animated people. By animated I mean that there always seems to be some hustle bustle going on around them, some commotion has to be there no matter what.

Little little habits that I notice, the sweet gestures, the powerful and aggressive tone of Spoken Somali language all make me fall in love with them more and more. The quiz is based on my 18 months of close observations of the majority of community.

Created by: Raaaz

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  1. Do you know your friend's sisters cousin's friend's from back home?
  2. How do you react when you see another somali in a packed corrdior?
  3. When you start a converstaion with another Somali, what do you do?
  4. How much sugar do you put in one cup of sugar/tea?
  5. When pointed out an interesting behavior of yours by an 'ajnabi', what do you usually say?
  6. When somebody is waving desperately the proof in your face that proves your claim wrong, what do you say?
  7. Do you love meddling in other people's businesses?
  8. What do you love eating in breakfats?
  9. Can you imagine a meal without meat?
  10. Do you get lots of calls from blocked numbers from opposite gender?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Somali am I