When Winter Comes 7

You are on vacation. Its time to kick back and lay in the sun. Or will you spend more time exploring? You have found strange things and you want the colpret in Jail!

Take this quiz to see who you end up falling in love with. Will it be: Jake, dark hair hazel eyes, Wesley, blonde hair dark eyes, Derek, Dark hair black eyes, or a new guy named Trent

Created by: Kirsteen111

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  1. You are worried as Jeremy and that old guy leave. They must have robbed a bank or stole; for this amount of money. You run out of the door and straight to the police station.
  2. "And just a second ago," You try to catch your breathe, "He dropped off more money!" The police woman looks at you with full attention. "There was just a robbery, and there has been several in the last month." She continues, "Let us handle this one ma'am." You are too scared to go back to the hotel so you walk to the beach instead. There you see Jake.
  3. "Hey,____. What are you doing out so late?" You explain everything as you cry. He takes your hand and places it on his chest, then he pulls your head against him. "You can sleep at my hotel if you want.
  4. You say yes. You go to his hotel and sleep in his bed while he takes the couch. But before you fall into sleep he longly kisses you good night.
  5. You fall asleep and have a nightmare. In the nightmare, Jeremy waits for you behind a door. Then he leaps out and stabs you! The dream fades as you wake up. Jake is in the bathroom so you decide to check the date. You scream inside your throat!
  6. Your vacation.... it is over. You stop where you stand and try to remember where all the time went. It had been two weeks and it was just entering fall. "How could I forget, It's September!" You scream. Jake runs out of the bathroom to see what happened.
  7. He looks stunned as he sees you are not hurt. He has a toothbrush in his mouth and has only his boxers on. You giggle at his wavy brown bed hair!He laughs too and then goes back into the bathroom. A minute later he comes back out fully dressed. "What happened?" He asks you. "I'm leaving,..
  8. His mouth drops and you can't bear his reaction so you run out of his room and run into Wesley. "Hey!" He laughs deeply. "Hasn't this happened before?" He suddenly sees the tears on your face and becomes completely serious
  9. "What's wrong?" He asks. "I'm leaving.." You say and then start to cry. Derek sees you and rushes over. "You're what!" They both say in unision. You look at Derek. You've never seen him more compassionate. Then you look at Wesley, you've never seen him more handsome.
  10. You run away. You quickly return back to your hotel and gather your things. You run back out and all the guys surround you.
  11. You look at them with loving eyes. You really do like them but.. "When I got here," You try to explain, "I had a plan that I would sta in Hawaii till fall, then I would go to Chicago till winter. Then... I was going to go home. I just never imagined all of this."
  12. "Why didn't you tell us" Asks Jake "When are you leaving?" Asks Derek. "Where in Chicago." Asks Wesley
  13. "I'm going today, in the afternoon. On a plane." You try to answer all the questions. "I'm going to the High Sky hotel in the outskirts of Chicago. I just forgot so, I didn't tell you..
  14. They are all sad. None of them talk. You wait in silence for aqbout five minutes. They all react differently, first it's Jake. He looks angry and leaves with a murmer under his breathe. Wesley looks at you and then looks down. He looks a ngry then he runs away. Derek is the last to go. He looks at you and sadly, quietly, leaves,..
  15. You go to the airport. Right after you walk through the airport door you look back. You see all of the guys walking toward you. You wait by the door patiently. "Please stay!' They plead with you. You want to but you know you can't. You cry a bit then they each say good bye in their own unique way.
  16. Derek kisses your forehead and hugs you tight. "Good bye he whispers. Jake holds you close and kisses you multiple times on the head. "I'll miss you!" Wesley smiles kindly. He hugs you soflty. "I'll never forget you." You get on the plane.
  17. You miserably walk unto the plane and sit next to someone close to your age. He is actually quite cute. He looks like a gangster, cool hat and baggy pants. He has tan skin. He has the most remarkable eyes. But you're not in that kind of mood so you just smile and sit.
  18. "My name is Trent." He says and sticks out his hand. You shake it. "My name is ___." You say then you look away. "You don't remember me do you?" He asks. "Oh, yah. Trent! I dated you not too long ago. Until you dumped me." You say sarcasticly.
  19. "I didn't want to dump you it's just that I was moving to Chicago and.." He looks at you and you see water in his eyes. "I've missed you more than you could know!" He leans toward you and kisses you the way he used to. Romanticly and softly. You are soo not in the mood!! You push him back and move to a different seat
  20. You soon arrive at Chicago. It's a beautiful city! The plane lands and you go to the High Sky hotel. Its name suits it! It is the tallest building you ever saw! "Wow" You say. You walk into yuor hotel room and suddenly hear loud shouts coming from inside. At first it scares you half to death!
  21. You scream as you turn on the light. It is the guys!! "What are you doing here' you say excitingly! "After you left,' Jake begins "We knew we couldn't live with out you!' Derek adds "So we all pitched in and went to the High Sky hotel" Wesley finishes You are so happy you hug all of them
  22. "You guys!" You say "You shouldn't have." They all say that they got hotel rooms next to yours so that they could visit you. All the guys were happy a minute ago but you could see that they were uneasy with each other. "Well I have to go." Says Wesley. Then all the rest leave too.
  23. You love your new hotel room. It is all high tech and beautiful! You flip through the channels on the t.v. "Today a criminal from Hawaii was caught but escaped.." You change the channel. Your favorite t.v. show is on!
  24. Who do you like?

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