When Winter Comes 6

You are on vacation. There are four guys that are digg'n you. Who will you love? Try this quiz to find out.. Taaaaaa taaaa taaa. Any way enjoy the quiz.

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Created by: Kirsteen111

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  1. What's this?....You are very still. You are about to scream for help when you hear something else. "____? Are you ok?" You could recognize that voice anywhere. It's Wesley.
  2. "I'm fine... That's uhh." You stumble a bit but you feel confident in him. You explain what it is. "Why do you want to film a door?" He asks. You explain your actions. He then adds, "Well, let's see what that code is!" He is very good on the computer and rewinds the camra that way you can see what happened over night.
  3. But before the video camra is done rewinding, you look toward Wesley. You feel a sudden attraction because he is very good looking. Slowley you bend closer to his cheek. But, you can't finish what you were going to do, He feels you close to him so he turns toward you. Quickly you lower your head. Wesley then pulls your chin up so you are looking at him. Then he kisses you.
  4. His phone rings so you two stop. He answers it, "Yah, ....Uhhuh.. Bye" He looks at you with loving eyes. He keeps his gaze and quietly says, "I need to go now." You want to kiss him again but you restrain yourself. In the video tape, Jeremy is carrying a bag of money and runs inside the door. He types in the code, 119332. He does it quickly and quietly.
  5. You want to see what's behind the door but, you can't do it in broad daylight. You have to wait till night. You go outside your room to go for a jog. Jogging outside your hotel you see Jake. He looks extremely angry and his lip is bleading.
  6. "What happened?" You ask him "Why don't you ask Derek? He hit me then I hit him back." Jake leaves frustrated.
  7. You run to the park and see Derek there. You yell at him, "How could you hit Jake?!" You are furious. He chuckles sarcasticley. "Is that what he told you?"
  8. "He hit me and gave me a black eye..Then i hit him back." you can see that he does have a black eye. "I... I'm sorry." you let down a tear. You are sad because they are fighting, most likely because of you. "I'm sorry, this is all my fault." You start to cry. Derek pulls you close and kisses your forehead. You are happy with him but, you still feel sad so, you cling to his chest.
  9. This time you lean toward him and kiss him. His eyes are sparkling. And then he smiles. "I love you." He says.
  10. You two depart. That's when you run into Jeremy. You try to act casual. "Hey, I haven't seen you in awhile. I want to show you something." He takes your hand and leads you back to the hotel. "Where are we going?' You ask. "To my room." He answers. He sees your face and you are a little scared. "What's wrong?" He asks you
  11. Right before you enter his room Jake pulls you away from him. "Your welcome" He says then he leaves. It's night
  12. You wait till midnight before you do anything. Then you walk outside your door and look around. You walk slowely to the door. You type in the code. But, before you are done you hear a sound. Your heart jumped. Its' beating wildley. You quickly finish the code as you hear footsteps. You open the door and quickley close it! You are gasping for air.
  13. "What was that" You hear a man's voice say. Your heart is pumping so fast you can't even count your pulse. You hear someone typing in the code! You look for the first time around the room you are in. You can't see anything because the lights are off. The only thing you see is a box close by. You run behind it to hide just in time. The door opens
  14. Its Jeremy. He turns on the light but he doesn't see you. You look around to see,.. Piles and piles of MONEY! Boxes of money and gold. Your eyes nearly pop out of your skull at the amount. You try to slow your breathing. Jeremy walks around the box, right towards you!!
  15. He almost sees you but before he does another man walks into the room. Jeremy spins quickly around. Its a man you've never seen before. He's around his fifties. "Oh it's just you," Jeremy says then walks toward him. "Do we almost have enough money yet?" The man asks. "Yah, almost." "Let's get out of here before someone sees us..." They both leave

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