i love my mom she's so cute

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this quiz acually is an awsome quiz and hard quiz it'll be awsome i even think it's awsome it's a nice quiz it's rockin the computer it's awsome why can't i stop saying awsome


Created by: tracy love

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  1. wat do you think my mom is like
  2. wat do you like in a boy/girl that makes you want to be his/her friend
  3. wat color eyes do you have
  4. wat color hair do you have
  5. wat kind of hair does my dad have
  6. wat kinda vacume do you think i have
  7. do you like my website
  8. wat kinda computer do you have
  9. wat kinda swim suit do you have
  10. wat kinda brother do you have
  11. wat color shoes do you have
  12. wat language do you speak
  13. wat shape table do you have

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