Time Less Love part 5

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Well tada it's here number 5 I hope you toke the other quizzes before this one so you know what you're doing. Anyway here is your next quiz enjoy it while you can, dun dun DUN!!!

Drake: Cute short one with black hair over part of one eye, shy and cute, and nervous Adam: The ego maniac like his brother but his bigger he's the one with sandy blond hair and the one with freckles on his nose and a cute smile Henry: Adam's older brother by like 2 minutes they are twins but don't look alike he's the one with brown hair, dimples, and a cute smile Ethan: The large muscular, smart, quiet one with brown hair and he has amazing intelligence

Created by: BlackandWhite
  1. You wake you and it's about 7AM you decide to get dressed and get breakfast. What do you wear?
  2. After you get dressed you go down stairs, finally you get to the dinning room and see all the guys sitting at the table eating the all look up when you come in but don't say anything, which seems strange. What are you thinking?
  3. You realize you've never been in the kitchen and look around at how pretty it is. It has red and white tiles, bronze and silver cooking utensils, pots, and pans hanging around, a cookie jar in the shape of a chicken and a picture of a farm. It's beautiful and suddenly realize the only parts of the house you've been in or seem is the kitchen, bathroom, your bedroom, one staircase, dining room, and hallway to your room. Do you want to go and explore, later? (I'll make you anyway, so whatever)
  4. NOW you decide to get breakfast what do you pick?
  5. After you are done making your breakfast you walk in the dinning room, and soon as Ethan sees you he grabs his plate and glass and walks past you to the kitchen without looking at you, your reaction?
  6. You sit down and glance at all the guys who seem to be trying not to look at you. You decide to break the ice, "So when does trying start?" That seems to get a bit of their attention, "Well," Drake explains, "You'll be with me first and then with Adam then with Henry and Ethan. But we're still wondering when to start but it'll be soon." "Alright," you respond and finish eating. Your thoughts are?
  7. After awhile the boys finish their breakfasts and go their separate ways. Then after a few minutes you finish your own breakfast and decide to explore the mansion. You find a clock and see it's now 8:30AM which gives you plenty of time to explore. You walk out of the dining room to where the halls spilt to your left is the staircase to your room with also four other doors. To your right is a hallway which you don't know what it leads to and straight ahead is another hall where you're not certain but believe the front door is. Which way do you go?
  8. Whatever you pick you go right; to the unknown hall. You look at all the old objects like statues, oil pictures, and vases, etc. Soon at the end of the hall it splits to your left and right but not without revealing a huge glass window revealing a pool. Your thinking?
  9. You look at the pool and realize there is someone swimming laps in it, who do you want it to be?
  10. You see a hint of black and realize it's Drake, what do you think of him?
  11. You decide to move on. You turn right again and past about 2 or 3 doors before opening on. It's a science lab but it also has caldrons like from Halloween with smoke coming from them. You notice someone in there with a white lab coat on, who is it?
  12. It's Ethan anyway he's so caught up in his work he doesn't notice you so you decide to leave him and let him work. After you quietly close the door you hear someone behind you, who is it?
  13. You turn around to see Henry, hands in pockets and he seems to be a bit upset like there is something on his mind. "Um _____," he begins but doesn't seem to know how to get the words out. Next this you know he has his arm around your waist and in pulling you closer, and before you can react he's kissing you passionately, what are you thinking?
  14. You're so surprised what do you do?
  15. Whatever you pick, before you do anything he stops kissing you and looks you straight in the eye, "_____, I love you I really do I wanted to tell you but I never had the chance, but I couldn't wait any longer I had to tell you how I felt soon as possible. Please tell me how you feel." What do you say?
  16. Whatever you pick to say you are cut off by someone calling your name it's Adam looking at you and Henry. When he sees you, even with you being so far down the hall you can see a half disgusted and half sadden/disappointed expression and his face. The next thing you know he turns and runs down the other hall which you had came from out of view. What do you do?
  17. Whatever you pick you run after Adam out of guilt, you notice him run up the stairs and follow him. You hear a door slam when you get to the bottom of the stairs but you don't know which door he went in so you check all of them. You open one and it has really dark paint it has an easel by the window a few clothes on the floor and a dresser with a stereo on it. You clothes the door and run up the stairs to the next door. You open it and it reveals a green and white room there is a large bookcase along the wall and a computer on a desk near the window, but no Adam. You run to the next room and swing open the door to a room with blue and grey room with a messy bed and clothes everywhere and still no Adam. You run to the next room and it's the only door left before your room and you fling the door open to a red and brown room with a crying Adam he's sitting on his bed with his back turned to you, sobbing considerably. How do you feel?
  18. Are you alright?" you ask as you walk in Adam turns his head a bit but doesn't fully look at you and just turns away and keeps crying. "I didn't mean to," you continue but you are quickly cut off, "I DON'T CARE GO AWAY," Adam shouts turning to you red eyed and teary, what are you thinking?
  19. And that is the end for today sorry, are you coming back for 6?
  20. Who do you like?

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