Time Less Love part 6

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READ THIS!!! READ THIS!!! The quizes won't come as frequently maybe a new one every weekend because I have testing and other school work, but it's ok I'll be working on these in my freee time check every weekend and it might be up

Guy Disciptions: Drake:Cute short one with black hair over part of one eye, shy and cute, and nervous Adam:The ego maniac like his brother but his biggeer he's the one with sandy blond hair and the one with freckles on his nose and a cute smile Henry:Adam's older brother by like 2 minutes they are twins but don't look alike he's the one with brown hair, dimples, and a cute smile Ethan:The large muscular, smart, quiet one with brown hair and he has amazing intelligence

Created by: BlackandWhite

  1. Are you alright?" you ask as you walk in Adam turns his head a bit but doesn't fully look at you and just turns away and keeps crying. "I didn't mean to," you continue but you are quickly cut off, "I DON'T CARE GO AWAY," Adam shouts turning to you red eyed and teary. You just stare at eachother for awhile but he finally turns away and keeps crying. You walk over until you're in front of him, you put your hand under his chin and lift his head to look at you, what are you thinking
  2. You look at each other, you want to say something to make him feel better, what do you say?
  3. You begin to start talking but ouy are quickly stopped, Adam grabs your shoulders and pushes you on the bed. He's now on top of you suddenly kissing you, what's your reaction?
  4. After about a minute, a long minute, Adam stops kissing you, and looks at you, you'r thinking?
  5. "_____," Adam begins, but then the door opens and Drake pops his head in the door, "Hey Adam have you seen ______, it's time for her lesson and....," he trails offs as he suddenly sees you both. Adam on top of you a pained expression flasshes on his face and he walks out without another word. What are you thinking?
  6. You look at Adam and he looks at you, what do you do?
  7. You look at Adam and just get up to go to your room, you start to cry. After several minutes there is a knock at your door. You quickly wipe your eyes and go and open the door, it's Drake and he won't look at you, what do you do?
  8. Before you can say anything he speaks first almost trying to not hear what you have to say, "We have trying I'll meet you in the backyard in 10(minutes), he leaves without let's you say a word what do you do?
  9. You decide to change for your lesson, you'd be workingout so you need something suitable, what do you pick?
  10. You get dressed and head down the stairs to get to the lesson that's in about 2 minutes. You realize that you don't exactly know where the back door is you run around the house till you find it, after that you get there where Drake's standing, you run up breathless and panting but he just glares at you, your reaction?
  11. "I'm sorry I couldn't find the door, and...," you trail off when you notice his glare it's piercing and sharp and make you feel a little unsettled, you look away and out the corner of your eye you see his face make a sad expression, he turns his back to you, "Let's just start ok." How do you feel
  12. Whatever yoy pick you stay silent, "We'll be trying to figure out what you can do,(In quiz 3) we believe you may have the gift of prophecy and of magic, but we're not sure, so we'll be traning that today, he turns to you what are you thinking
  13. "Ok let's begin," and CLIFFHANGER!

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