When Winter Comes 10

What happens to you?!! There was a gun shot flying by your head?!! Will you live? Will someone save you or will you be doomed? Try this quiz to see in the end, who you will love.

I have to say my friends, we are entering the end. This will not be the last one but, this series will end soon. Don't worry about that yet though! I will tell you somethign before you continue, someone dies in this episode

Created by: Kirsteen111

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  1. A GUN SHOT?!! You run away from the sound along side of Trent. Luckily the bullet didn't hit you two. You look back at the people chasing you guys. They look very angry..
  2. "Why are they chasing you?!" you huff as you two run up to a building and enter it. "I owe them some money." He huffs back. You two quickly find out that the elevator to this building is broken so you take the stairs. "Why are we going to the top of this building?!" You asks after a few flights of stairs (and this building is 15 stories high!) "Maybe we can out run them!" He answers. You two hear the three men comming up the stairs as well.
  3. You finally make it to the top roof. The men are not far behind but it is a dead end. There are no other stair cases to escape through. The men come running out onto the roof. They smile as they breathe very loudly. "Now then, where's the money?!" One of them asks. Trent answers quivering, "I don..don't have it." They all laugh. "Then your no good to us."
  4. Everything goes by very quick this time. Trent runs as fast as he can toward the edge of the building. But as he turns around the men shoot. Trent seems stunned by the pain and holds his hand to his chest, which is bleeding. you are soo stunned you can't move. Trent closes his eyes and falls off of the building's roof. You scream as loud as you can. They look at you and lift their guns up once again..
  5. You scream as you see them almost pull the trigger but you hear a sudden bang. It's the guys who just came unto the roof! They each have guns pointed at the three other men. "Drop 'em" Jake says. "By order of the police!" Wesley adds in. Derek then also says, "And by an awesome guitar player!!!"
  6. the three men drop their guns and you are so scared that you faint. You wake up in the hospital. The guys are standing next to you. They all smile. Wesley gives you a hug and pinches your nose. Derek kisses your cheek. And Jake kisses you on the lips. All the other guys are annoyed and leave. Jake is left with you and you two kiss again
  7. "I am on vacation too." Jake says. "So is Wesley." Wesley then walks in and Jake leaves. "I am glad you're not dead. Unfortunatly, Trent is.." He hold your hand and squeezes it. You think about Trent. He was a good guy inside He shouldn't have died! He was annoying at times but... you still liked him as a friend.
  8. It has been another week or two after Trent's death. You are not sad too much anymore because the guys have comforted you. It is nearing October now. Almost Winter.
  9. You wake up in the morning. You and all the guys are going to get a bite to eat.
  10. "Hey!!" They all yell as you enter the resturaunt. You yell back jokingly, "Hey, Strangers!" They all laugh and want you to sit by them. Who do you sit by?
  11. You sit by him and the other guys are jealous that you didn't sit by them. You eat a meal and leave the resturaunt quickly. "Time is passing by so quickly," you think to yourself. "Who will I love." you make a plan.
  12. Before you tell the guys, they actually had the same idea. " We will each have a date or two with you. Then you can see who you want to be with." You agree. You decide to get started next week
  13. Who do you like so far??

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