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You may be interested by the title of this small series. More than Just Love. It is a story much more than roantic love. This love i am going to talk about is greater and WAY more special than that.

Try the quiz and see what you think. I dont want any smaller kids reading this in case they think its scary, its not really that much but still... I suggest 11 and up!

Created by: Kirsteen111

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  1. You groan as you once again wake up on piles of ashes. Looking up into the pure black sky you feel sad. This place, your so called home. Home of mysery. You slowely get up and somewhat remember your surroundings. The Valley of Death. That was the name of this place. You dont know how but you know the name of this place. Your head is throbbing and your memory feels foggy. You try to remember what happened last night.
  2. "Last night i was.." You stop and place your hands over your head. The pain is unending. You try to ignore it just for a moment to remember what happened but nothing. You walk a few steps. You see the dead trees and ash. The black sky makes it impossile to see more than twenty feet ahead of you. You stumble and trip over fallen trees and... pause. "What is.." before you finish the sentance you see it is a head. Followed by a body. You are tripping Over DEAD BODIES?! You..
  3. You scream and run as fast as you can. You run and want to find someone or something! You stop when you see a little girl ahead of you. You almost smile at the sight of another person but as you aproach you realize something is wrong. She is crying. No weeping! She crying her eyes out (figuratively). You get a few steps closer to comfort the girl but...
  4. She twists back faster than you can blink your eyes and she yells at the top of her lungs, "GET AWAY!!" The sound of it hurts yor ears and you run away from the crying girl. You begin to slow down after running as fast as you can for more than an hour. Even after the hour, the sight is still the same, dark. You come up to a few people who look familiar. Your friends, yes theres Jill and Keven! You feel happy for a fraction of a second and jump to them. When you get closer however you see they are wearing dirty clothes covered in ash. Their eyes are dull gray and their hair is falling out! You stop about five feet away from them.
  5. They smile showing their crooked yellow teeth. "That was fun last night huh?" Jill asks with a smirk. You begin to feel uncomfortable as you think, "What happened last night?" All the sudden you see a dead tree nearbye glowing. Glowing with a blue glow. It is beautiful, almost mesmorizing blue shine.
  6. The light is so pretty coming off of the tree that you inch foward. Your freinds Jill and Keven leap as fast as they can knocking you over! They run to the tree pull off its bark and eat it. They both giggle then run off to where you can't see them. "What does this bark do?" You think to yourself as you edge closer to the tree. You are only inches when you hear a voice behind you whisper in a raspy throat voice, "Touch it."
  7. You turn around as fast as you can. Your heart beating loudly in your ears you see the creature. It isn't quite human but similar in a frightening way. The being had grey skin and a hunched back with wings for arms. The wings were horrid though, because they had holes in them and were dark. The hands that the creature had were more like claws and the creature had something even more peticular about him. Other than the fact of how short he was, something really weird was on his face.
  8. It was the eyes. His eyes had no pupils. And no eye lids. The eyes were red, unblinking red. No wait, the being had eyelids! They were just sideways so whenever the being blinked, it blinked vertically. Now thats just weird. You mumble under your breathe, "What did you say?" The being moves closer in a limping sort of way. Then it speaks showing its small and yellow fangs. "I said, touch the bark." The being smiled and tilted its head. You inhale deeply but cough almost immediatly, the being stunk horribly!! That and all the ash. You turn around and face the glowing blue tree bark again. You reach out your hand only inches away from the bark..
  9. You decide to tuch it. Once you do you feel a tingle in your fingers. You laugh and smile widely. This was some kind of.. you don't know exactly what. All you know is it made you laugh! And you want to touch it again but then you realize a sharp pain in the tips of your finger! You pull back away from the bark and study your fingers. They are wet with blood. Your fingers hurt like someone just dabbed them with a knife. You suddenly remember what happened last night. You ate the bark, just a small peice. You had a tremendous pain in your head. it was so bad you passed out and woke up with a major headache.
  10. You get up with numb fingers and head out to find something to eat or drink. You look and look and look but there is nothing. You see a black form suddenly drop from a dead tree. You jump back startled and see what looks like another one of the beings. Only this time it turned luminescent blue. That beautiful blue. And it was much bigger than the other being, it was about two feet taller than you. And when it turned to look at you, you saw that it wasn't ugly like the other beings. Its eyes were blue as the light that shown from the being. The being looked you in the eye but you werent scared to look back. "You are looking for water?" It said in a low pitched voice. You..
  11. "I am the ruler of this magnificant place. And there happens to be a lake of water just a few feet to your left. Feel free to drink it." Then the being flew away on its wings. You stand there a second before looking to the left. There is a small lake of water. You bend down to touch the water but you remember the tree... What do you do?
  12. MEANWHILE several miles away... A young man paces back and forth. This man is in cammand alongside his father. What are they in cammand of? The City of Life. The young man paces faster and once again looks out to the Valley of Death. He huffs out a big sigh and turns his head away from the clear glass window back to his giant room inside a giant mansion. He looks around the room and admires the emerald floors, golden walls and roof. He lookes at the decorative large rubies inside of the wall.
  13. The young man takes out his jade bonoculors and sees.. YOU! He sees you get up out of the heaps of ash and look around scared. His heart jumps out to you. He sees your hair is starting to fall out and your eyes are grey. He feels deeply sad but notices how beautiful you actually are. The master of the mansion, the father, walks into the room. The young man speaks up, "Do you see her? The beautiful young woman? Her hair falls over her sholder perfectly and the brim of her nose is.." The father holds up his hand, and speaks, "Please say no more my son. She makes me sad." The young man turns around and looks at his father..
  14. The young man asks, "Why does she make you sad?" And the father tells him, "I have seen her and I want her to be part of the city of light but NO ONE must enter the City of Light who has been in the Valley of Death." The young man feels a tear swipe his cheek and he answers, "You are right but I want her! I want her in the City of Light, I want her to come to me and be mine. Because she is beautiful and she is kind! But HOW CAN WE GET HER HERE?!" The young man threw his fists against the window seal. He then yells, "I want all those people to be our people, I want this city to be full of people but that EVIL PHENE and his Valley of Death is.." He cant finish his sentence because he begins to think of a plan to get you out.
  15. You are just about to dip your fingers into the water when you hear a loud trumpet. The beings in the trees fall to the ground and cover their ears. You run to the sound as fast as you can. Even faster than before. You run over the beings and all the death and gloom this place brings. You run till the trumpet blast rings your ears and then.. past the ash and dead trees.... you see. What is it? Light. Loads and loads of light streaming through the trees. You cry because you begin to see some sun light again. You make it almost to the edge of the forest when the large being you saw earlier flies in front of you. Unlike his beautiful appearence like last time, this time he stinks. And he is terrifing. His eyes black with hate he turns toward you and screams in a sound that makes you fall to the ground and cry loudly. His voice screams, "YOU CAN NEVER GO PAST THIS FOREST!" he then claws your cheek with those five inch claws he has. The claws sink deep into your cheek and you feel the blood seep out. But suddenly you hear a loud voice break your screams of terror. "Get away from her!" You look to see who it is but he is shining with so much light, you cant tell.
  16. It is a young man. He has perfect blonde hair and he is wearing the purist of white clothes. He is stunning and takes your breathe away. He looks at the being as the beings gets off you slowely. The young man has feirce eyes. The being, ruler, speaks, "She is mine not yours! She belongs here and she will die like the rest of your people!! And you know why that is?" The being suddenly turns toward you, obviously he was asking you the question.
  17. "Because you ate the bark. because you are covered in darkness and the darkness can never be in the light!! You are not worth anything in other words. And thats why you wil die and suffer for beig here!" The being gives a wreched laugh that screeches the darkness. You look back over to the young man who is holding your gaze. His eyes are full of love. A different kind of love... He speaks, "What will it take to....I know exactly what it will take to set her free." Then you hear thousands of wings flutter and surround the youn man.
  18. The beings all of them, which was well over a million. Screeched and holloered but quieted down when the ruler being raised his hand. The ruler being laughed and talked, "Ya we know what it will take!!" He raised his winged hands and yelled, "WHAT WILL IT TAKE MY MINOINS?!!" He was gleaming because he knew the answer he just seemed like he wanted to hear someone say it. They all at once began to chant over and over again the same word, "BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!!!

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